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Leslie Wilcox, President and CEO of PBS Hawaii "So, how's the new building?" It's a question that my staff and I are frequently asked when we're out in the community.

And we wish we could respond, "It's a great place! Perfect for collaborations in education, arts and culture, and our role as storyteller." It's certainly a great place – on paper. We plan to break ground this summer on Nimitz Highway, at the entrance to Sand Island. Hawaii's charitable foundations, starting with The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation, are leading the way in providing funding for a new facility for PBS Hawaii. And we have wonderful grassroots support from individuals in every part of the state, including the least-known fifth county – Kalawao, in Kalaupapa, Molokai.

Now, we're reaching out to more individuals of means to take us into the future.

For almost 50 years, PBS Hawaii has harnessed the power of media for the good of citizens, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. We've evolved with the times to keep serving the people of Hawaii as a universally accessible resource for things that matter, including civil discourse.

We welcome your support!

A hui hou,

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PBS Hawaii Prepares for NEW HOME Construction
PBS Hawaii is preparing to begin construction on its NEW HOME on Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road later this year, with completion in 2016.

PBS Hawaii's NEW HOME Campaign Moves Forward
PBS Hawaii Board Chair Robbie Alm writes about what the near future holds for PBS Hawaii – a New Home at the corner of Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu.

Three Empty Vessels
For nearly 40 years, we've filled our current studio at University Ave. and Dole St. with countless memories. Soon, we will be creating new memories in the three studios at our New Home.

Media Innovation Center
PBS Hawaii's 2,000 square foot Media Innovation Center will be a place for innovative, open thinking for HIKI NŌ students, teachers and mentors to train, learn, collaborate, discover and play.

NEWS RELEASE - PBS Hawaii Sells Waikiki Land for $3.5 Million -
Friday December 6, 2013

"PBS Hawaii today closed the sale of its Waikiki property for $3.5 million. The 28,761-square-foot land parcel, located at 1812 Kalakaua Avenue, was sold to locally owned..."

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PBS Hawaii's New Home Location

Located along the well-traveled Nimitz Highway corridor, a two-story, energy-efficient building at 315 Sand Island Access Road will emerge as PBS Hawaii's new home.

On the outside, native Hawaiian plants and flowers filling in the lush landscape surrounding the facility will serve as living testaments of our island culture.

On the inside, the day-to-day activity of Hawaii's only public television station will flourish - in broadcast production studios and an innovation media center, at editing bays and collaborative work stations.

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