When Will Hawaii's Patients Be Able to Buy Medical Marijuana?

Thursday, April 9, 8:00 pm

How Can the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Better Serve Its Beneficiaries? (image) Since Hawaii approved marijuana for medical treatment 15 years ago, other states have surged ahead with dispensaries, and in some cases, marijuana decriminalization. Advocates are hoping for a statewide dispensary system, and concerned parents and law enforcement fear that medical marijuana could be abused. Mahealani Richardson moderates a talk with reps from advocacy groups, a drug policy organization and the Attorney General's office.

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Live Blog When Will Hawaii’s Patients Be Able to Buy Medical Marijuana?



Will Our Children Ever Be Able to Afford to Live in Hawaii?

Thursday, April 2, 8:00 pm

There seems to be no end to the rising cost of living in Hawaii. The high prices of housing, groceries, gas and other necessities make it more and more difficult for us to live in today's paradise. But what about our children? If it's this hard to make ends meet now, what will life in Hawaii be like for future generations? Daryl Huff hosts this discussion.



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