How Should Hawaii's Public Schools Educate Students about Sex?

Thursday, Jan. 29, 8:00 pm

Insights on PBS Hawaii (image) Hawaii's public schools provide children with a culturally responsive and factual education about sexual health. And yet, our teen pregnancy rate is higher than the national average. Some parents, lawmakers and religious leaders feel the training goes into too many aspects of sexual health and doesn't give our young teens the right message. Is the sexual education curriculum too detailed or not detailed enough? Malia Mattoch hosts the discussion.

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Live Blog How Should Hawaii's Public Schools Educate Students about Sex?



How Valuable Are Our Native Forests?

Thursday, Jan. 22, 8:00 pm

Hawaii's native forests have been harvested for wood and cleared to make room for agriculture and development. Those that have survived still face attack from alien species that threaten to choke out and replace indigenous plant-life. What's being done to restore Hawaii's forests and protect them for the future? Mahealani Richardson moderates the discussion.



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