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A Slimmed-Down Program Guide



Leslie Wilcox, PBS Hawai‘i President and CEO

You may notice that this monthly program guide is skinnier than it was last month, as if it went on a crash diet. There was indeed a crash of sorts, one that all of us are dealing with in one way or another: the economic fall-out from COVID-19.

PBS Hawai‘i is part of the local community. When our supporters suffer financial loss, we feel it, too. Many people are limiting their charitable giving. Our heart goes out to those who’ve been hard hit by effects of the pandemic.

As part of stewarding our resources, we’ve slimmed down this monthly program guide. But please note that we’re devoting the same number of pages as before to program highlights. Also, we’ll keep delivering our free weekly e-newsletter with more detailed programming information. Sign up for it at https://www.pbshawaii.org/newsletter-signup/

And most importantly, we continue to bring you the same quality programming.

An excerpt from an Oʻahu viewer's noteMany viewers are appreciating this as they shelter at home, watching more PBS Hawai‘i offerings than usual. We’ve especially heard from viewers of our weekly live forums on Insights on PBS Hawai‘i: COVID-19 in Hawai‘i, and HIKI NŌ featuring Student Reflections from home; from Passport viewers, accessing both new and archival PBS shows; and from parents introducing their young children to our online PBS KIDS 24/7 channel, which is aligned with fun, educational video games.

Pictured right: An excerpt from an Oʻahu viewer’s note

Folks have been phoning or writing with kind sentiments including: “You’re a lifesaver for helping me educate my child at home.” “You bring us delight, beauty, wonder and information every day…” “I’m going through a hard time, but I feel better with the inspiration I get from your programs.”

Aloha is real and palpable and feeds heart and soul. From our PBS Hawai‘i Board of Directors and Staff, here’s wishing you aloha nui as you press through this challenging time and grow even stronger in adversity.

Hawai‘i is hurting, but we still encourage, uplift and help each other. We are not defined or diminished by our circumstances.

Masking my face but not my aloha!

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