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The Labours of Hercules


Since his debut on television in 1989, Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot has put his brilliant intellect and fastidious nature to the test as he solves the most mystifying crimes of the Art Deco era. David Suchet returns in his signature role as the suave Belgian super sleuth, exercising his “little grey cells” by helping police investigate crimes and murders, whether they ask for his help or not. These final lavish adaptations feature guest stars Iain Glen, Helen Baxendale, Philip Glenister and Hugh Fraser.


The Labours of Hercules
Poirot journeys to the Swiss Alps to lay a trap for the infamous art thief Marrascaud, with catastrophic results. Devastated, Poirot falls into a heavy depression, and it is not until a lonely chauffeur begs the detective to find his missing true love that Poirot feels he can return to his work. As he investigates this new case, Poirot stumbles upon the hotel now thought to be Marrascaud’s hideout. As an avalanche cuts off access to the hotel, Poirot finds himself in a game of cat-and-mouse with a villain he fears and despises.