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Busy Day in TV Studio with Matayoshi, Dunkerley

We taped conversations today with two prominent guests for different Long Story Short shows: first, the head of the American Red Cross in Hawaii, Coralie Matayoshi.

Mr. Dunkerley told of spending the ages from 7 to college-age in two U.K. boarding schools. One of the schools was 600 years old, without heating and with bad food. Sounds Dickensian, but he said it had a fine tradition of scholarship and parents were thrilled to get their children in there. He called himself a lousy student. Three times a year, Mr. Dunkerley flew to see his parents, who were economists in developing countries. That’s how he fell in love with flying and aviation.

Have you noticed that Ms. Matayoshi always wears red when she’s in public representing the Red Cross? Today she dropped the tidbit that she’s always on the lookout for red suits –  and she finds some great ones at the Punahou Carnival thrift store! She gave some life tips, and one of them is: Live within your means. She says she still brings home lunch to work.

Both of these Hawaii leaders are clearly comfortable in their own skin, with a confidence that comes with experience. Our crew very much enjoyed hearing stories about their personal lives, which we don’t hear about in their quickie TV news soundbites.

I think you’ll enjoy the programs that will come out of these conversations! I’ll let you know right here when these respective programs will run on-air and online.