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I wish wisdom were contagious, like colds. If so, my Long Story Short team and I would be wise beyond our dreams. Over the last decade, we’ve been face to face with well over 200 leaders and interesting citizens, listening to their personal stories of success and failure and lessons learned.
As Hawai‘i real estate keeps getting pricier, I keep thinking of a different kind of real estate that is ultimately more valuable in a democracy. Common ground in our national and local discourse: Priceless. These are days when people don’t just disagree on issues; they have different sets of facts.
Pictured: Honolulu’s Nora Okja Keller, author of the acclaimed novel Comfort Woman I remember exactly what I said some three decades ago to a Honolulu news colleague, when we first heard the expression “comfort women” and learned what it meant. “How twisted is that?” I said.
Albert Einstein might have gotten a kick out of attending a monthly meeting of our newest Board committee.
All of Honolulu’s former Police Chiefs had something in common besides being male. They upheld a tradition of reticence in their public statements. Speaking broadly and briefly, they’d usually decline to elaborate, with the explanation that an investigation was ongoing; or that matters were undergoing review.
Pictured: World War II veterans Robert Kishinami, Henry Ishida and Takeo Ikeda It was a full house, as sons, daughters and other family members and friends came out in force with some of Hawai‘i’s World War II veterans of Japanese ancestry for a special screening of a documentary film, Rescuing the Lost Battalion: The Story […]
KĀKOU Town Hall Guests: Māhealani Perez-Wendt, Mike Irish and Aaron Sala   We did something a little different at the second KĀKOU Town Hall, televised and streamed live for two hours on PBS Hawai‘i April 19. Mostly, we let the conversation unfold naturally.
Left image: Community Advisor Dr. Shawn Kana‘iaupuni, left. Right image: Community Advisory Chair Karen Knudsen with fellow member Les Murashige Community Advisors pictured, from left: Cheryl Ka‘uhane Lupenui (Hawai‘i Island), Les Murashige, Dennis Bunda, Kainoa Horcajo (Maui), Marissa Sandblom (Kaua‘i) and Dr. Shawn Kana‘iaupuni. Not pictured: Chuck Boller, Lei Kihoi (Hawai‘i Island) and Corrina Moefu.
Pictured, from left: Norm Baker – Aloha United Way Chief Operating Officer; Zi Jun – McKinley High School senior; Connie Mitchell – Institute for Human Services Executive Director; Nani Medeiros – single mother and nonprofit director How many times have you seen or heard something that makes you feel anxious about the future of Hawai‘i? […]
Pictured: Ornithologist Auguste von Bayern, with a jackdaw, from the NOVA episode Bird Brain “What a bird brain!” “You’re a Neanderthal!” Not so long ago, these were taunts. But, thanks to recent research by scientists and the fine documentaries on PBS, we know better. And I’m just the person to be thrilled by these discoveries.
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