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Pictured: Sticky notes and forms indicate which files will be going with us to our new location on Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road.
Pictured: Architect Sheryl Seaman created these kukui designs for our NEW HOME. The designs are featured on PBS Hawai‘i’s new t-shirt If you pluck just one nut from a kukui tree, you will have oil to illuminate the dark for more than three minutes.
If you’re lucky, there’s someone in your life who always comes up with a perfect gift–and often it’s an item that’s not even on your radar. We sometimes feel that way at PBS Hawaii, with people helping us in ways that we don’t expect. There are especially thoughtful people on Neighbor Islands.
Jimmy Borges, one of Hawaii’s most beloved performers, tells a small studio audience of hand-picked friends that he’s “in the process of learning how to die.
It’s not unusual for someone I meet on the street to tell me: “You were just in my living room last night.” I’m always thrilled that you choose to have PBS Hawaii in your home.
There are at least a couple of surprises about Nainoa Thompson’s appearance on Long Story Short, coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 pm. Nainoa chose the place for the interview, and it’s not within sight of the ocean.
Can storytelling profoundly touch lives? Here at PBS Hawaii, the answer is a resounding yes. Belief in the power of storytelling to educate, and a conviction that education can transform perspectives and even lives, are the underpinnings of everything we do here.
The firehose of information flooding the web is available to all users. How much of this web free-flow is reliable? More and more, students are learning the skills used in journalism to vet information for accuracy and fairness. Media literacy is an increasingly valued 21st-century skill.
For the first time in my life, I enjoy having to stop in traffic for a red light – but only the one at Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road.
One good thing about bad traffic: It allows motorists to check out our NEW HOME construction site along Nimitz Highway at Sand Island Access Road. And what they see is progress! PBS Hawaii has a lot going on “outside the box” of the TV, computer and cell phone screens.
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