Decoding Ancient Chinese Gardens

Air date: Sat., Sept. 19, 8:00 pm


Suzhou, China is the heart and origin of the world’s oldest classical Chinese gardens and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lance, an architect, and Kelly, a landscape designer, from the SF Bay Area experience the synthesis of art, nature and architecture from several masterpiece gardens in Suzhou, China. These two travelers visit the Master of Nets Garden, which was designed and built during the Song Dynasty almost 1000 years ago. They traverse the rock maze of the Lion Forest Garden, and experience the tranquility of the Couple’s Retreat Garden and more. Along the way, they see the architectural poetry of the garden-like Suzhou Museum, designed by the world famous architect, I.M. Pei. An exciting excursion to the water town of Tongli, south of the Yangzte River Delta, exposes Lance and Kelly to ancient waterways, bridges and residential architecture.


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