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Churchill and Munnings

FAKE OR FORTUNE?: Churchill and Munnings


Beyond the genteel galleries and upmarket auction houses of the art world lies a darker dimension: a world of incalculable wealth, social ambition and occasional subterfuge. Detective Philip Mould, journalist Fiona Bruce and a team of scientists investigate a new batch of potential fine art forgeries.


Churchill and Munnings
Charles Henty is the owner of two paintings which may be by two of the leading figures of the 20th century.


One was found in the coal hole of his family house in London and is possibly by Sir Winston Churchill. Painting was Churchill’s private passion. He received no formal training and painted purely for pleasure; but, even so, his works are now highly sought after by collectors.


The other painting, a landscape of Dedham in Essex, is possibly by Sir Alfred Munnings. While he may be an unfamiliar name to many outside the art world, during his lifetime, Munnings was the most successful highly valued British artist of all time. But Dedham was also home to another painter: the infamous forger Tom Keating.