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Every picture tells a story, but in this series, valuable paintings are treated as crime scenes! Beyond the genteel galleries and upmarket auction houses of the art world lies a dimension rarely seen – a darker side of incalculable wealth, social ambition and sometimes subterfuge. In the third season of this audience pleasing mini-series, a recognized art sleuth, a doctor of history and cutting-edge scientists again join forces to discover the truth behind controversial works of art.


Scriptwriter Keith Tutt fell in love with the work of French post-impressionist painter Edouard Vuillard in his school art class. When a large oval picture by the artist appeared in a provincial auction house he gambled his savings on it – even though it doesn’t appear in the official record of Vuillard’s works. To prove this is a Vuillard, the team will need to convince some of the most demanding art experts in France.


This program will encore Tues., Feb. 2, 11:00 pm