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Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present

PBS HAWAIʻI, in partnership with the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation, features Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present, one of ten documentary films by Eddie and Myrna Kamae.

The late Eddie Kamae and his wife Myrna created films to perpetuate Hawai‘i’s cultural heritage for future generations.

The film, Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present, honors the role of kūpuna in preserving Hawaiian culture. It focuses on the legacies of three respected elders whose lives bridged the transition from older times into the late 20th century. They are Ruth Makaila Kaholoaʻa; Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale; and Reverend David “Kawika” Kaʻalakea. Each is a living archive whose memories and perspectives need to be shared.

To purchase DVDs of Eddie and Myrna Kamae’s films, visit The Hawaiian Legacy Foundation.