Italy’s Aeolian Islands

Air date: Sat., Sept. 27, 7:30 pm


This unique new travel series takes a rare and whimsical look at life without cars, buses or trains. On small, remote and sparsely populated isles scattered throughout Europe, most of the inhabitants travel and transport goods by donkey, bicycle and other non-motorized vehicles. It may seem like a bygone era, but for some, it is a modern reality. Hosted by Kira Hesser, an independent traveler with a love of history, the series offers a fun and engaging look at these islands through the eyes of a youthful and vibrant host.


Italy’s Aeolian Islands
Just north of Sicily’s eastern coast lies a volcanic archipelago renowned for perfect weather, beautiful scenery, deep caverns, blue grottos, steep cliffs, ancient ruins, thermal healing resorts and volcanos ― including one of the most active on the planet, erupting almost continuously for the last 2,000 years! While we go looking for islands out of time, what we find is a series of unique experiences for all of the senses. From islands so isolated that there is no radio to the extremely upscale tourist destinations, we treat all of our senses to the wonders of these volcanic dots ― smelling citrus, jasmine and salt; listening to the call of fishmongers and then to the silence of the night; tasting incomparable Aeolian tomatoes and their beloved capers; feeling mineral baths and sunshine on our skin ― and meet people who welcomed us into their unique lives with generosity and care.



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