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The following are just some of the 600+ viewer comments that came in through our Facebook live stream.


Technology in the Silicon Valley sense is not the answer. Technology and science in the Uncle Ed Wendt sense is. When I talk about replacing global capitalism I am not anti business or advocating for going back to the past. I am advocating to use the wisdom of our ancestors to develop a new economy focused on local resiliency and generative abundance.

– Keoni Lee

I liked the perspective Mike Irish shared last night, fact based. His idea of having retailers offer ‘local made’ products for sale is an excellent idea. Thank you Mike.

– Suzan Kim

My family has been on Maui since the monarchy but I am pretty sure my grandchildren will not be able to stay much longer. So sad!

– Gladys C Baisa

It’s a never ending cycle—Hawai’i’s bright, young students are leaving home because the cost of living coupled with student loans make it nearly impossible to get by; but this is the very demographic we need to retain to perpetuate our culture, and essence of what Hawai’i is.

– Neta Leʻi

How can we be like Tahiti where you can’t buy land if your an outsider? Or how can we set regulations like New Zealand for people who wanna move to Hawaii. So that people who move here can contribute to Hawaii and not just immigrate here?

– Trey Yoshizumi

I greatly wish that multigenerational living was more encouraged, as it used to be. From my observations, being born and raised here, is that living with ‘ohana beyond the nuclear unit is the most reasonable and fulfilling way to take care of one another, our children, our millennials, our middle aged, and our kupuna.

– Summer Starr

Our leaders in seats need to make different decisions or we need new leaders. Our current democratic leaders are socially democratic, but fiscally act as if they are republican at a deferent level. The lack of investment into the quality of education and our living resources are sad. But We as Hawaii residents need to know who we are voting for in office! Are they focusing on the necessary needs of Hawaii!?

– Wendy Santos

We the locals that have the ability should buy whatever we can to take control of it . Land, housing and business with the intent to control the market value not to make profit but to reduce the cost of living. By doing that we can drive the cost of living down by reducing the resale value and who we sell to.

– George Kalilikane

A conversation about Hawai’i and its future can’t exclude its past. The crime of conquest was an act of war, just as the normalization of empire is a continued act of war. Does the group of panelists have any comments along the topic of Hawai’i being a conquered land and its future being dependent upon liberation from empire?

– Sofia Florencia

…Everyone wants to complain about the politicians and their choices… but we have the lowest voter turnout in the nation… my county in Maui is the worst in our state and we have some of the worst housing crisis in the islands.

– Jennifer Juniper Frey

Hard to get the local community to vote when the judicial system can change the direction that the previously mobilized majority have voted in… democracy has to be realized to be completely supported…and I vote.

– Ezekiela Kalua

People of Hawaii have had so much taken away by the political parties. They have been so deceived by them for so many years. We can trust any of them. No one wants to vote. For what? We’ll get more taken away.

– Celeste Miyasaki

Distrust is understandable but if you don’t vote, you absolutely have no voice. If you vote and your candidates betray you, then you make noise again. It doesn’t work if you don’t vote in the first place.

– Cara Kimura

Capitalism is not a given. We need a new economic system informed by traditional Hawaiian values.

– Shannon Wianecki

I like how they talk about the younger generation; passing the buck onto them. Should be all generations, we are all in the same wa’a together; not just the younger generation.

– Na Maka Kahiko

I think beyond sustainable to regenerative.

– Glenn Head

If our politics changed and taxes were lowered & the Jones Act was repealed and things became more affordable in Hawaii, we could limit tourism. Right now we need them for our economy.

– Aprill Wilson

I’ve learned that we need to listen more. That is kakou too. Hoolohe. Peoples perspectives is important. If we don’t listen we will suffer from a lack of data.

– Pashyn Santos

The reconstitution of the nation of Hawai’i in the form of the sovereign nation as it existed in 1892 includes citizens who could not trace their genealogy to kanaka maoli.

– Andrew Iwashita

What if everyone there took some action by having small group community meetings or neighborhood or group meetings to share what they learned here? Start small and build it. Grassroots.

– Cin Morinakasan