Air date: Sat., Nov. 29, 7:00 pm


Journey into Chef Magnus Nilsson’s meticulously planned and executed kitchen at Fäviken for a look at what it takes to run, manage and maintain standards at what some say is the most creative and surprising restaurant on the planet. Chef Nilsson explores how his early cooking experience influenced him to focus on local ingredients in his homeland, Sweden, and nearby Norway. He shows how to make the most of ingredients at their freshest and preserve them in creative ways, and examines traditional Nordic culinary techniques in the Faroe Islands.


Before moving to France to learn about cooking professionally, Chef Magnus Nilsson’s main culinary influences were his mother, aunt and grandparents, who cooked traditional dishes for family dinners while Magnus observed. When he returned from France to begin working at his restaurant Fäviken, the influence of traditional Swedish cooking remained. In this episode, examine the bonds of tradition that help to forge the identities of families and individuals.



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