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Mister Rogers: Bringing Kindness into Today’s Heated America



Politics, natural disasters, tragedy – The past year might make you wonder how America can bridge its widening divides. If you think that part of the answer is more Mister Rogers in our lives, you wouldn’t be alone:


In March, PBS stations aired Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like. The commemorative special looked back at 50 years of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


The documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor examining Fred Rogers’ legacy will be screened at the Hawai’i International Film Festival on April 8 and 10: https://bit.ly/2GnjpsT

We also have the movie You Are My Friend starring Tom Hanks to look forward to.


Mister Rogers was a real man. Someone every inch in real-life the same kind, patient man we saw on TV.

He also didn’t shy away from difficult topics.

It is true that Fred Rogers was one of a kind, but perhaps if we remember what he taught us and practice the same kindness and patience, America can come closer as neighbors.