Legalized Gambling

As Hawaii's State Legislature and the Governor contend with a $71 million budget deficit, some elected officials have come up with recycled solutions in an attempt to supplement our revenue starved state. Its time again to roll the dice and see if the winning solution is legalized gambling for Hawaii. Proposed legislation includes support for lotteries, casinos and shipboard gaming operations.

To discuss the pros and cons of gaming in our community, host Dan Boylan will be joined by a panel including Dr. Earl Grinols, Professor of Economics at Baylor University; Violet Horvath, First Vice-President with the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling; State Representative Mele Carroll; and State Representative Joe Souki.

This conversation was recorded on Feb. 10, 2011 in the PBS Hawaii studio. Insights on PBS Hawaii is presented on Thursdays at 7:30.


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