Homelessness in Hawaii has grown from a chronic problem to a crisis. Evidence of homelessness can be found everywhere in our islands. The sight of homeless individuals on Waikiki's sidewalks and in parks is viewed by some as a threat to our already fragile visitor industry. What's being done to tackle the problem here and throughout the state?

This week on Insights, host Dan Boylan will discuss the issue with a panel that includes: Marc Alexander, Governor Abercrombie's Coordinator on Homelessness; Bridget Holthus, Deputy Director, Dept. of Community Services, City & County of Honolulu; Christy MacPherson, Program Manager for Family Promise of Hawaii; and Darlene Hein, Director of Community Services for the Waikiki Health Center.

This conversation was recorded on Mar. 31, 2011 in the PBS Hawaii studio. Insights on PBS Hawaii is presented on Thursdays at 7:30.


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