Race to the Top

In the midst of furloughs and budget cuts, there was one piece of very good news for Hawaii public schools last year. Our state entered the national Race to the Top competition and won $75 million to spur reform in our public education system. Hawaii was one of just 12 awardees out of 46 states and territories that competed in the $4 billion federal program – a centerpiece of President Obama's education agenda.

This week on Insights, Dan Boylan will host a panel of educators and policy makers to see how our ambitious Race to the Top plans and goals are taking shape. Scheduled guests include: Terry George, Executive Vice President of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation; Kathryn Matayoshi, Superintendent, State Department of Education; Randall Miura, Principal, Leihoku Elementary School (Waianae); and Tammi Chun, Governor Abercombie's Education Policy Analyst.

This conversation was recorded on April 14, 2011 in the PBS Hawaii studio. Insights on PBS Hawaii is presented on Thursdays at 7:30.


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