The New Normal?

On the next INSIGHTS, host Dan Boylan and panelists will explore how the economy, the real estate market, globalization and more are contributing to forming a new "normal" in America. A nation that has long prided itself on the American dream and a strong middle class, the U.S. is now experiencing widening gaps between classes. With the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement and the upcoming APEC, panelists will delve into the socioeconomic issues that are causing frustration and anxiety for many across the nation and locally.

Scheduled guests include: Barbara DeBaryshe, specialist at the UH Manoa Center on the Family; Ashley Lukens, Political Science graduate student and small business owner; Ayesha Nibbe, assistant professor of Anthropology at Hawaii Pacific University; and Robert Perkinson, professor of American Studies at UH Manoa

This conversation was recorded on October 27, 2011 in the PBS Hawaii studio. Insights on PBS Hawaii is presented on Thursdays at 7:30.