Ben Cayetano
Former Hawaii Governor


In the first of a two-part Long Story Short, Ben Cayetano talks with Leslie Wilcox about growing up in Kalihi and a past only recently revealed in his self-titled memoir. He talks openly about being raised by his father and how he discovered, yet never discussed, the truth of his birth. Looking back, Ben shares with Leslie how personal encounters with ethnic discrimination and other early experiences informed the important decisions of his life, and led eventually to a career driven by his desire to advocate for social justice.

In the second part of the interview, Ben Cayetano explains how his desire to serve a greater public led to nearly thirty years in public office. With his trademark candor, he reveals how his priority, which put the people before personal gain, was often at odds with how the game of politics is played. He speaks frankly about his disdain for political quid pro quo, and how and why he believes it plays an even larger part of the landscape today


Ben Cayetano