Foyle’s War Revisited


Enjoy favorite moments from the previous seven seasons of Foyle’s War and get a sneak peek at Season 8 in a behind-the-scenes special celebrating a series that has captivated loyal fans for over twelve years. Learn about the creation of the series, the decision to set it during World War II, the research that goes into each episode and the casting of Michael Kitchen as DCS Foyle, along with what’s ahead for the laconic investigator in the new season. John Mahoney (Frasier), who guest stars in the first episode of Season 8, hosts.


The SS


The SS began as Hitler’s personal body guard, but under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler it became a terrifying cult that engineered Hitler’s vision for a new Germany and an Aryan race. It was responsible for the creation of the concentration camps that would become the sites of some of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen.