Aug. 9 – Aug. 15, 2015


Arts, Drama, Culture


Secrets of the Tower of London

Sun., Aug. 9, 7:00 pm



Standing guard over the city of London for nearly 1,000 years, the formidable
Tower of London has been a royal castle, a prison, a place of execution and
torture, an armory and the Royal Mint. This program unlocks the doors to secret
rooms, talks to the people who do the jobs no one sees and reveals some surprising
facts about one of England’s most famous buildings.


The Making of a Lady

Sun., Aug. 9, 8:00 pm



This is the story of the educated but penniless Emily (Lydia Wilson). During
her duties as a lady’s companion for Lady Maria (Joanna Lumley), she meets her
employer’s wealthy widower nephew, Lord James Walderhurst (Linus Roache).
Accepting his practical if unromantic marriage proposal, Emily finds solace in
the company of Walderhurst’s nephew Alec Osborn (James D’Arcy) and his
glamorous wife, Hester (Hasina Haque), after Lord James leaves to rejoin his
regiment. Emily, alone with the Osborns, increasingly comes under their control
and begins to fear for her life. Based on the 1901 novel The Making of a
by celebrated writer Frances Hodgson Burnett.



Curious About…Montreal

Sun., Aug. 9, 9:30 pm



Why did the French settle in Montreal? And why is French still an official
language here? Why is there a Paris Metro Stop in the middle of the city? Why
is Notre-Dame Basilica bathed in blue? And why does it slope downward toward the
altar? Why does the Hotel de Ville look like DC’s Eisenhower Building and why
does the Bank of Montreal look like the Pantheon? And is there really an
ongoing archaeological dig going on at Place Royale?



Part 9 of 13

Sun., Aug. 9, 10:00 pm



This dramatic miniseries, first aired in 2002, chronicles three generations of
the Forsytes, an upper middle-class family in Victorian and Edwardian England.
Damian Lewis, Gina McKee and Ioan Gruffudd star with Rupert Graves, Amanda Root
and Corin Redgrave.


Part 9 of 13
The Forsyte family, including Soames and Annette’s daughter, Fleur, gathers in
London when June arrives with her half-brother Jon (son of young Jolyon and
Irene). Eleven years later, in 1920, Fleur and Jon meet again, unaware of their
family connection.




Mon., Aug. 10, 7:30 pm



Maunalua – with Bobby Moderow Jr. on rhythm and slack-key guitar, Kahi Kaonohi
on bass guitar and vocals and Bruce Spencer on ukulele and vocals – blend their talents to evoke memories of old Hawaii in this vintage performance from the
PBS Hawaii studio.


50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary

Mon., Aug. 10, 10:00 pm



Celebrate the impact of the trio that provided America’s soundtrack for
generations and combined artistry with activism for five decades. This
program features rare and previously unseen television footage, including
a BBC program from the early 1960s that embodies many of the trio’s best
performances and most popular songs. This is Peter, Paul and Mary at the
peak of their artistry, a time when this popular and influential trio
dominated the Billboard music charts.


From the group’s emergence in Greenwich Village, to the Civil Rights and anti-war
era of the 1960s, through the decades of their later advocacy and music, to
Mary Travers’ moving memorial, and finally to the present, where their legacy
continues to inform and inspire successive generations, this far deeper and
more intimate exploration of the trio reveals the impact of their artistry and
activism on their generation and the world. Songs include: “Five Hundred
Miles,” “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” “If I
Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song),” “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are



Victor Marx

Tues., Aug. 11, 7:30 pm



As a young boy growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana, Victor Marx was beaten,
electrocuted and tortured by his stepfather. By the time he graduated from high
school, he was using drugs, fighting and stealing. It took the discipline of
the United States Marine Corps and faith in God to help him recover from his
traumatic childhood. Today, Victor Marx dedicates himself to helping troubled
and abused youth and traumatized war veterans.


This program will be rebroadcast on Wed., Aug. 12 at 11:00 pm and Sun., Aug. 16
at 4:00 pm.



Season 1, Part 3 of 6

Tues., Aug. 11, 11:00 pm



This UK comedy series features partners Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek
Jacobi), who have lived together in a small central London flat for nearly 50
years. Constantly picking each other apart and holding onto petty slights for
decades, Freddie and Stuart are always cracking snide remarks aimed at the
other’s age, appearance and flaws. However, underneath their vicious,
co-dependent fighting, they have a deep love for one another.


Episode 3:
Freddie suggests Ash pursue acting and teaches him the tricks of the trade. When
Ash secures an acting role after only one audition, Freddie is thrown into a
state of depression.



Season 1, Part 4 of 6

Tues., Aug. 11, 11:30 pm



Freddie, Stuart and the gang go clubbing after Ash gets a job handing out club
fliers. By the end of the night, only Freddie is left standing and Stuart feels
left out.



Shrimp Sells

Wed., Aug. 12, 7:30 pm



A Chef’s Life is a cooking and documentary series that takes viewers inside the
life of Chef Vivian Howard, who, with her husband Ben Knight, opens a fine dining
restaurant in her small hometown in Eastern North Carolina. Each episode follows
Vivian out of the kitchen and into cornfields, strawberry patches and hog farms
as she hunts down the ingredients that inspire her menus. Using a chef’s modern
sensibilities, Vivian explores Southern cuisine, past and present – one ingredient
at a time. A celebration of true farm-to-table food, the series combines the
action and drama of a high-pressure business with the joys and stresses of
family life.


Shrimp Sells
Vivian and family head to the beach for their annual summer vacation. Later,
she visits a fish camp and learns the heads and tails of fresh shrimp. Back in
Kinston, the devil is in the details as Vivian and Ben prepare to open their
second restaurant, the Boiler Room, and controversy brews over the bun for the


Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park

Wed., Aug. 12, 8:00 pm



Join the iconic duo and the more 500,000 fans who came out for this
once-in-a-lifetime 1981 benefit concert for the world’s most famous urban park.
The concert features the Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits, including “Mrs.
Robinson,” “The Sounds of Silence,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “59th St.
Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” and many others.


The Tenors: Under One Sky

Wed., Aug. 12, 9:30 pm



The Tenors – Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray –
deliver a blend of classical and contemporary pop that developed from their
backgrounds: two members are classically trained opera singers and two are from
the world of pop and stage music. Thrill to their rich and soulful voices as
they sing arrangements beloved songs, including “Lean on Me,” “Besame Mucho”
and “You Are So Beautiful.”



Kumu Hina

Thurs., Aug. 13, 9:00 pm



Over the course of a momentous year, Kumu Hina, a native Hawaiian mahu
(transgender) teacher, inspires a tomboyish young girl to claim her place as
leader of an all-male hula troupe, as Kumu Hina herself searches for love and
a fulfilling romantic relationship with an unpredictable young Tongan man.


Rock, Pop and Doo Wop

Thurs., Aug. 13, 10:00 pm



Rock and pop legends Jon “Bowzer” Bauman of Sha Na Na and Ronnie Spector
of the Ronettes bring back the best songs from the late 1950s and early 1960s
rock, pop and doo wop era in this concert event. This special recorded in May
2010 includes live performances and rare, archival classics from the Dick Clark


John Denver: Country Boy

Fri., Aug. 14, 9:00 pm



At the peak of his fame in the 1970s, John Denver was one of the most popular
singers in America. He performed at sold-out concerts, his albums sold more
than 100 million copies, his TV specials got top ratings and he was named poet
laureate of his adopted Colorado. Yet this man, who brought happiness to
millions, was filled with insecurity, suffered from depression and was savaged
by the music critics. Exploring the private life and public legacy of
“America’s Everyman,” this intimate profile includes exclusive accounts from
those closest to him, including former wives and managers, his son and brother,
the musicians who toured with him for decades and the friends who knew the real
John Denver.


Yanni: World Without Borders

Fri., Aug. 14, 10:30 pm



More than two years in the making, this concert special is a unique
behind-the-scenes look at Yanni and his orchestra as they perform throughout
the world. Songs performed include “Deliverance,” “Santorini” and “Nostalgia.”



Bay Area’s Pacific Rim Cuisine

Sat., Aug. 15, 7:00 pm



This series travels across the United States to explore Asian cuisine’s impact
on American food culture. Hosted by Danielle Chang, the six-part series explores
a wide variety of Asian food and drink and meets the new generation of chefs and
entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping traditions alive. The series features renowned
chefs and culinary personalities such as Top Chef winner Kristen Kish,
YouTube sensation Maangchi, Chinese master chef Susur Lee and ramen entrepreneur
Ivan Orkin.


Bay Area’s Pacific Rim Cuisine
This episode introduces Olivia Wu, designer of the original Asian restaurant
concepts on the Google’s campus. Go behind-the-scenes at Google’s first
sit-down restaurant, Baadal, where Chef Irfan Dama serves up biryani, an
Indian rice dish. Then, the story of two retired executives who, after careers
in Silicon Valley, returned to their ancestral Japanese farming roots and
constructed an indoor vertical farm which services some of the top restaurants
in the Bay Area.




Sat., Aug. 15, 7:30 pm



With its amazing landscapes, rich artistic treasures, deep ties to the past
and warm people, it is no wonder that Americans dream of Italy as a travel
destination. Join Italian travel expert Kathy McCabe as she explores the
diverse areas of Italy. We’ll meet Italy’s chefs, artisans and historians who
are deeply connected to their land, carrying on and preserving traditions.


Romans have been making mosaics for thousands of years and artisan Nadia Ridolfini
teaches Kathy the ancient craft. Alessandro Volpetti takes Kathy on a tour of
the new Testaccio market as well as his family deli. Then we get the scoop on
gelato making at Gelateria del Teatro ai Coronari. The episode ends at Palazzo
Brancaccio with a ballroom dance performance by Campagna Nazionale di Danza


Il Volo: Live from Pompeii

Sat., Aug. 15, 8:00 pm



Soar with the perfect harmony of the charming trio as they pay homage to their
home country. The young tenors perform classic Italian favorites and original
songs in this new concert special filmed in the spectacular ancient ruins of
Pompeii. Songs include “Grande Amore” and “Volare.”


Soundstage: Blues Summit in Chicago

Sat., Aug. 15, 9:30 pm



Forty years ago, a group of Chicago-based blues artists gathered with some of
their younger blues brethren from all over the country to pay tribute to the man
most responsible for bringing blues from the Mississippi Delta upriver to Chicago:
Muddy Waters. Appearing with Muddy that night were Willie Dixon, Koko Taylor,
Junior Wells and Pinetop Perkins, and, from the next generation, Mike Bloomfield,
Buddy Miles, Johnny Winter and Dr. John and Nick Gravenites – all artists who have
now become legends themselves.



Ryan Adams/Jenny Lewis

Sat., Aug. 15, 11:00 pm



American singer-songwriters Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis return to the ACL stage.
Adams features songs from his self-titled album. Lewis comes in support of her
album The Voyager.


Public Affairs



Thurs., Aug. 13, 7:30 pm



This is a special, first ever all-Kauai edition of HIKI NŌ, hosted by Island
School in Lihue, Kapaa Middle School in Kapaa, Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle
School in Lihue, Kapaa High School in Kapaa, Kauai High School in Lihue and
Waimea High School in Waimea.


Top Story:
Students from Island School tell the story of Josh Miller, a junior who recovered
from a traumatic trail-bike injury to become captain of his cross-country team.


Also Featured:
Students at Kapaa Middle School profile the island’s youngest and only female
fireknife dancer; students at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School share the story
of Gail Mande, who overcame her drug addiction and now counsels troubled youth;
students from Kapaa High School show how a local juice shop is finding fresh
ways to support local farmers; students at Kauai High School turn the spotlight
on a teen mentor who is motivated by personal tragedy to help others; students
at Waimea High School on Kauai share how an alumni foundation is providing
vital support to their school; and students at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle
School speak with the firefighters who rescued more than 100 stranded hikers
last April from a popular but treacherous hiking trail.


This program encores Saturday, Aug. 15 at 12:30 pm and Sunday, Aug. 16 at 3:00 pm.
You can also view HIKI NŌ episodes on our website,



How Are Changing Visitor Preferences Affecting Hawaii’s Tourism Industry?

Thurs., Aug. 13, 8:00 pm



More visitors are arriving in Hawaii, but according to recent numbers from
Hospitality Advisors, hotel occupancy has not seen a corresponding rise.
The growing Hawaii timeshare market, along with legal and illegal bed and
breakfasts give visitors more options. What does this mean for tourism-related
jobs and tax revenues?


INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII is a live public affairs show that is also live streamed on
Your questions and comments are welcome via phone, email, or Twitter.
You may also email your questions ahead of time to or post them to our Facebook page



Fri., Aug. 14, 7:30 pm



For 40 years, WASHINGTON WEEK has delivered one of the most interesting
conversations of the week. Hosted by Gwen Ifill, it is the longest-running
public affairs program on PBS and features a group of journalists participating
in roundtable discussion of major news events.



Fri., Aug. 14, 8:00 pm



This weekly series features the iconic TV anchor’s focus on the events and
conversations shaping this week and the week ahead. Drawing on conversations
from his nightly PBS program and new insightful perspectives from around the
world, it captures the defining moments in politics, science, business,
culture, media and sports.



Fri., Aug. 14, 8:30 pm



THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP is an unscripted forum featuring some of the greatest
political analysts in the nation.





Mega Turnings

Sat., Aug. 15, 2:00 pm



Using only the hand tools of the pre-industrial era, woodworker Roy Underhill
and his guests prove that there was life before electricity. Whether you think
muscle-powered tools are a thing of the past or a thing of the future, you’ll
reconnect with your own inner craftsperson.


Mega Turnings
Roy turns wood into art pedestals.



Sat., Aug. 15, 2:30 pm



Electrician Scott Caron helps a homeowner replace an undersized ceiling fan
with a more appropriate one. Later, Roger visits a bonsai nursery to learn the
art of sculpting trees.



Lexington Project 2015: New Walk, Old Stone

Sat., Aug. 15, 3:00 pm



Roger starts on the new bluestone front walk despite some significant grade
challenges. Around back, tile contractor Mark Ferrante is installing porcelain
tile made to look like slate in the screen porch. Kevin recaps the vanity project
and meets Richard to see the sink and faucet set.




Sat., Aug. 15, 4:00 pm



There’s no end to the number of impressive dishes you can make with pork. In
this episode, Martha makes porchetta, highly seasoned roasted pork with
soft, juicy meat and crisp, crackling skin. Next she demonstrates a centerpiece
of her holiday table, glazed ham. Then she shows why fruit and pork have always
been a harmonious combination as she makes pork and plums, using quick-cooking
pork tenderloin.



Old-Fashioned Sweet Endings

Sat., Aug. 15, 4:30 pm



Test cook Erin McMurrer shows host Christopher Kimball how to make the peaches
and cream pie; equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top picks for rolling pins;
tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Chris to a tasting of pie crust; and test
cook Julia Collin Davison uncovers the secrets to cream cheese pound cake.



Middle Eastern Mashup

Sat., Aug. 15, 5:00 pm



Chef Sara Moulton returns with a fourth season of SARA’S WEEKNIGHT MEALS,
featuring simple but delicious recipes for flavorful, healthy, home-cooked
meals with minimal fuss. In addition, guest chefs from around the globe prepare
their favorite dishes in Sara’s home kitchen before taking her on a culinary
expedition to their favorite local farms, ethnic enclaves and other secret food


Middle Eastern Mashup
Lamb is the go-to meat of the Middle East and in this episode, Sara prepares two
favorite lamb dishes with recipes she learned on a trip to Turkey. She’s cooks
lamb chops with a Turkish pear “salsa,” plus herbed lamb and feta cheese
burgers. And a Turkish mushroom and cheese dip that’s fast and simple.



Shaking Up the Margarita

Sat., Aug. 15, 5:30 pm



Chef Rick Bayless returns with the 10th season of his cooking and
travel show, and this time he’s taking viewers all over the Federal District
capital of Mexico’s sixteen boroughs to explore the vibrant restaurant scene,
evolving cuisine and ancient culture that make this amazing city so irresistible.


Shaking Up the Margarita
Rick pays a visit to mixologist Joseph Mortera, who takes Rick through a couple
of his delicious creations including a mescal cocktail made with fresh
hoja santa leaves and absinthe. Next, Ricardo Nava, a bartender at
Polanco’s bar Limantour, shakes up his margarita by using mescal, pineapple
juice and hot chiles.


Special Programming


Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You

Mon., Aug. 10, 8:00 pm



Up-to-date advice on a broad set of financial issues from Suze Orman, America’s
most recognized expert in personal finance, includes: how to invest; whether to
buy or rent a home; saving for retirement; what kind of life insurance to buy;
wills and trusts; student loans and more. Orman offers tangible information on
managing money today and how to make smarter choices for a more economically
secure future.


Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now

Tues., Aug. 11, 8:00 pm



In the most personal program of his career, Dr. Wayne Dyer offers an intimate
conversation about what his own personal experiences have taught him: There are
no accidents, and all the choices we make and actions we take weave a life
tapestry uniquely our own. Exploring the five principles that have guided his
own choices, Dr. Dyer shows why it is important to have – and act on – a
burning desire, why life’s lowest moments can reveal our true purpose, and how
the principle of love allows us to see our lives more clearly and reach our
greatest awareness.