Mar. 20 – Mar. 26, 2016


Arts, Drama, Culture



Grantchester, Part 3 of 6



James Norton stars as Sidney Chambers, a young and charismatic vicar who
turns amateur investigator when one of his parishioners dies under
suspicious circumstances. Chambers turns to gruff, down-to-earth police
inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) for help, and the two become
crime-solving partners and friends in the hamlet of Grantchester.


Part 3 of 6
Sun., March 20, 7:00 pm


An old woman tells Sidney that someone wants her dead. Then she dies.
Coincidence? The new curate delivers a surprising sermon.


Part 4 of 6
Sun., March 20, 8:00 pm


A shocking murder reveals the depths of homophobia in Cambridge. Geordie
crosses swords with Sidney over conduct of the investigation.


Part 5 of 6
Sun., March 20, 9:00 pm


On holiday in London, Sidney and Geordie happen upon a murder, allowing them
to show Scotland Yard a thing or two.


Part 6 of 6
Sun., March 20, 10:00 pm


As Geordie’s life hangs in the balance, Sidney has to defy police to stop a
killing spree. Sidney’s romantic life falls apart.



Ledward Kaapana and Family

Mon., March 21, 7:30 pm



On most Friday evenings, slack key artist Ledward Kaapana gets together with
his neighbors to share potluck dishes, laughter and music. For Ledward, it’s
a tradition that goes back to his younger days in Kalapana on the island of
Hawaii. “When I was growing up, we used to have kani ka pila…everybody sit
down and enjoy, listen to music,” Ledward remembers. This special Na Mele
features Ledward and his sisters Lei Aken, Lehua Nash, and Rhoda Kekona,
playing their music in Ledward’s garage. Ledward’s falsetto voice leads off
with “Nani,” and Lei, Lehua and Rhoda take vocal solos on “Kanohe,”
“Kalapana” and “Holei.” Sit back and enjoy!



Boise, ID, Part 1 of 3

Mon., March 21, 8:00 pm



Highlights from the Roadshow floor include: a first edition of the Book
of Mormon that has been passed down through the guest’s family since
1833; a 1955 Madoura plate designed by Picasso that previously hung
above a stove; and an 1858 oil painting by important Hudson River artist
Sanford Robinson Gifford, valued at $300,000.



Boise, ID, Part 2 of 3

Mon., March 21, 9:00 pm



Highlights from the Roadshow floor include: a midcentury pinup painting
by Earl Moran; a complete set of lobby cards from the 1951 film The
Day the Earth Stood Still
; and a 1922 Edward Hopper etching titled
The Cat Boat, appraised for $250,000.



Henk Rogers

Tues., March 22, 7:30 pm



Henk Rogers is well known for his contributions to the video gaming industry
– most notably, his involvement with Tetris, one of the world’s top selling
video games. The visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist now seeks to make
Hawaii a global model for energy independence with his non-profit, Blue Planet
Foundation. “I always had a deep-rooted feeling that whatever it is that I
wanted to do, I could do it,” says Rogers.


This program will be rebroadcast on Wednesday, March 23 at 11:00 pm and Sunday,
March 27 at 4:00 pm.



Honey, I’m Home!

Wed., March 23, 7:30 pm and 11:30 pm



A Chef’s Life is a cooking and documentary series that takes viewers inside the
life of Chef Vivian Howard, who, with her husband Ben Knight, opens a fine dining
restaurant in her small hometown in Eastern North Carolina. Each episode follows
Vivian out of the kitchen and into cornfields, strawberry patches and hog farms
as she hunts down the ingredients that inspire her menus. Using a chef’s modern
sensibilities, Vivian explores Southern cuisine, past and present – one
ingredient at a time. A celebration of true farm-to-table food, the series
combines the action and drama of a high-pressure business with the joys and
stresses of family life.


Honey, I’m Home!
Vivian turns up the heat on a dish of chicken livers drizzled with hot honey.
While Ben preps for his art show in Durham, Vivian descends on the city’s
restaurant row to sample sweet, honey-themed dishes.



E Haku Inoa: to Weave A Name

Thurs., March 24, 9:00 pm



A young multi-racial kanaka maoli (native Hawaiian) woman, filmmaker Christen
Hepuakoa Marquez, sets out to discover the meaning of her incredibly lengthy
Hawaiian name from her estranged mother, whose diagnosis as schizophrenic in
the 80s caused their family separation. Christen not only discovers herself
within the name, but gains a whole new perspective on the idea of sanity and
how cultural differences can sometimes muddle its definition.



Building England I

Thurs., March 24, 10:00 pm



In this two-part special, host Judith Jones walks viewers through the history
of English buildings. Among the locations we’ll visit in this episode are the
Roman edifices in Lindisfarne, Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, Kentwell
Hall in Suffolk and Burghley House in Lincolnshire.



Miami Book Fair International – Part 1

Thurs., March 24, 11:00 pm



WELL READ goes on the road to one of the biggest book fairs in the world. The fair
brings over 300 renowned national and international authors and exhibitors to
a weeklong celebration of all things literary. In Part 1, WELL READ talks to
humorists giving readers a light-hearted diversion from life’s harsh realities.


Time for Three in Concert

Fri., March 25, 9:00 pm



Time for Three, a trio made up of violinists Nikki Chooi, Nick Kendall and
double bassist Ranaan Meyer, blends music genres in this performance with the
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The concert features a blend of pop, classical
and folk music arranged in unique mash-ups. Vocalists include Joshua Radin and
Lily & Madeleine.


The Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over, A Great Performances Special

Fri., March 25, 10:00 pm



The Dave Clark Five was actually the first English group to tour America in
May of 1964, and thus the first to spearhead rock and roll’s “British invasion”
that changed the world. The group’s greatest hits include “Glad All Over,” Bits
and Pieces” and “Over and Over.” This special features archival footage of the
band, along with newly filmed interviews with Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton
John, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Hanks, Whoopi
Goldberg, Dionne Warwick, Sir Ian McKellen and others, all sharing their
memories of how the music and the cultural revolution of 1964 changed their



Austin, Texas

Sat., March 26, 7:00 pm



This series combines flavorful ingredients, top chefs and beautiful locations
for the ultimate dining experience. In the third season of the Emmy-nominated
series, Australian Chef Pete Evans goes coast-to-coast, and across the sea,
traveling to Nashville, Louisville, Miami, San Antonio, Hawaii and other US
locations to meet the best chefs in each area and cook a delicious meal that
incorporates local and seasonal ingredients.


Austin, Texas
Pete makes his way to Austin to get a taste of some authentic Texas cuisine
with father-son chef duo Jack and Bryce Gilmore. Pete meets them at Urban
Roots Farm, an organization that uses food and farming to transform the lives
of young people, where they pick vegetables and get honey right from the combs.
Then they get down to work preparing the evening’s feast which features goat
carnitas with all the fixings; Brazos Valley cheesy grits; honey glazed
carrots; chicken-fried goat; and beet hummus with farm vegetables.


Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions

Cruising The Rhine – Part One

Sat., March 26, 7:30 pm



Burt takes a look at the history of the Rhine River, modern river cruising and
the Swiss city of Basel.



Hula: The Language of the Heart

Sat., March 26, 8:00 pm



The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival is a four day competition and exhibition
that showcases elegance, power and rich storytelling that this ancient art
form portrays. This program highlights the 2012 festival winners and presents
a look at hula’s role in the past, present and future of Hawaii’s people.



Hula: The Merrie Monarch’s Golden Celebration

Sat., March 26, 9:00 pm



Get a behind-the-scenes look at the 2013 preparations for the 50th annual
Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii. The Festival is Hawaii’s most
significant cultural event and showcases the art of hula for a global
audience. This program highlights the hard work, dedication and spirit
of the Festival participants.



Joe Jackson

Sat., March 26, 10:00 pm



Iconic musician and five-time Grammy Award nominee Joe Jackson performs
an electrifying set at New York City’s Iridium with songs from his latest
album Fast Forward along with his classics “Steppin’ Out,” “You
Can’t Get What You Want ” and “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”.”



The Lumineers/Shovels & Rope

Sat., March 26, 11:00 pm



The Lumineers and Shovels & Rope bring the best in Americana to the ACL
stage. Denver’s Lumineers perform their hits “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love,”
while South Carolina’s Shovels & Rope plays songs from their album O’
Be Joyful


Public Affairs



Sun., March 20, 6:00 pm



Hosted by Alexander Heffner, this weekly public affairs program is a
thoughtful excursion into the world of ideas, exploring issues of national
and public concern with the most compelling minds of our times.



Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

Tues., March 22, 10:00 pm



FRONTLINE investigates the alarming rise of untreatable infections: from a
young girl thrust onto life support in an Arizona hospital, to a young
American infected in India who comes home to Seattle, and an uncontrollable
outbreak at the nation’s most prestigious hospital, where 18 patients were
mysteriously infected and six died, despite frantic efforts to contain the
killer bacteria. Fueled by decades of antibiotic overuse, the crisis has
deepened as major drug companies, squeezed by Wall Street expectations,
have abandoned the development of new antibiotics.



Thurs., March 24, 7:30 pm





Students from Kapaa Middle School on Kauai tell the story of Joe Young, a
retired police officer who is also a prostate cancer survivor. Mr. Young
decided against traditional medical treatments, such as surgery and
chemotherapy. Instead he changed his lifestyle and focused on doing things
that make him happy. Through this approach and with the support of his family,
Mr. Young is now cancer free.




Students from Konawaena High School on Hawaii Island profile a driver’s
education instructor who teaches teens the rules of the road to help prevent
accidents and save lives.


Students from Saint Francis School on Oahu introduce us to Manny Mattos, a
retired HPD officer who collects traditional Hawaiian war weapons and educates
the public on conservation efforts to preserve the indigenous woods the weapons
are made from.


Expanding on the theme of traditional Native Hawaiian practices using
indigenous materials, we feature a story from the HIKI NŌ archives by
students at Ke Kula Niihau O Kekaha on Kauai about traditional Hawaiian hale
(house) building.


Students from Maui High School profile Chantal Sandoval, a deaf Junior Varsity
cheerleader who explains that the biggest challenge for her is the social
stigma attached to being deaf.


This episode of HIKI NŌ is hosted by Kamehameha Schools Hawaii Middle School
in Keaau on the Big Island.


This program encores Saturday, March 26 at 12:30 pm and Sunday, March 27 at
3:00 pm. You can also view HIKI NŌ episodes on our website,



Aging Out of Foster Care

Thurs., March 24, 8:00 pm



Hawaii foster children who “age out” of the foster care system at 18 may
find themselves unprepared to handle life on their own as adults. Too often,
they end up homeless or jailed. Former foster children and a foster parent are
scheduled to appear and share their experiences. INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII also
takes a look at a fledgling state program that offers to voluntarily extend
foster care until the age of 21.


INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII is a live public affairs show that is also streamed
live on Your questions and comments are welcome via phone, email, or Twitter during the broadcast. You may email us ahead of time to, or include the #pbsinsights hashtag when posting on Twitter.



Fri., March 25, 7:30 pm



For 40 years, WASHINGTON WEEK has delivered one of the most interesting
conversations of the week. Hosted by Gwen Ifill, it is the longest-running
public affairs program on PBS and features a group of journalists participating
in roundtable discussion of major news events.



Fri., March 25, 8:00 pm



This weekly series features the iconic TV anchor’s focus on the events and
conversations shaping this week and the week ahead. Drawing on conversations
from his nightly PBS program and new insightful perspectives from around the
world, it captures the defining moments in politics, science, business,
culture, media and sports.



Fri., March 25, 8:30 pm



THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP is an unscripted forum featuring some of the greatest
political analysts in the nation.


Science and Nature



Snow Monkeys

Wed., March 23, 8:00 pm



In the frigid valleys of Japan’s Shiga Highlands, a troop of snow monkeys
functions in a complex society of rank and privilege where each knows his
and her place. Their leader is still new to the job and something of a
solitary grouch. One innocent little monkey, unaware of his own low status,
reaches out to this lonely leader and they form a rare and remarkable bond
that alters both their lives. Changing seasons bring new babies, family
disagreements and tragedies. Mating season brings competition for females
as the days grow shorter and colder in the rush to winter. With their now
confident leader to guide them and their families to shelter and care for
them, these snow monkeys are ready to face the world.



Secrets of Noah’s Ark

Wed., March 23, 9:00 pm



A 3,700-year-old inscribed clay tablet reveals a surprising new version of
the Biblical flood story, complete with how-to instructions for assembling
an ark. Following the directions, expert boat builders assemble and launch
a massive reed boat.





Last Days in Vietnam

Tues., March 22, 8:00 pm



During the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War, as the North Vietnamese
Army closed in on Saigon, the South Vietnamese resistance crumbled. The
United States had only a skeleton crew of diplomats and military operatives
still in the country. With a communist victory inevitable and the U.S.
readying to withdraw, many Americans on the ground worried their South
Vietnamese allies and friends faced imprisonment or death at the hands of
the approaching North Vietnamese. With the clock ticking and the city under
fire, a number of heroic Americans took matters into their own hands,
engaging in unsanctioned and often makeshift operations in a desperate
effort to save as many South Vietnamese as possible. The film is directed
by Rory Kennedy.


Dick Cavett’s Vietnam

Tues., March 22, 11:00 pm



On the 40th anniversary of the official end of the Vietnam War, this program
examines the war and its impact on America through the prism of interviews
conducted by the iconic host of The Dick Cavett Show, which featured
conversation and debate from all sides of the political spectrum. The program
combines interviews from Cavett’s shows with archival footage, network news
broadcasts and audio/visual material from the National Archives to provide
insight and perspective on this controversial chapter of American history.



The Lost Gardens of Babylon

Wed., March 23, 10:00 pm



This program examines a world wonder so elusive that most people have decided
it must be mythical. Centuries of digging have turned up nothing – but it turns
out the searchers were digging in the wrong place. Now, this film proves that
the spectacular hanging gardens of Babylon did exist, and shows where they
were, what they looked like and how they were constructed.





Contemporary Bench with Steven Brown

Sat., March 26, 2:00 pm



Hosted by carpenter, craftsman and educator Tommy MacDonald, the sixth season
of this series offers woodworking enthusiasts the confidence to fulfill their
furniture-making dreams. With help from his friends Al, Eli and Steve and
special guests, Tommy creates bold and inspiring woodworking designs. Tommy
also travels to historic landmarks around the country for inspiration.


Contemporary Bench with Steven Brown
Series regular Steve Brown is back in the shop! He’s here to help Tommy update
a traditional bench with a more contemporary design. Using this project as
another teaching tool, Steve walks us through some of the basic steps of
woodworking any expert will tell you are important to practice.



Sat., March 26, 2:30 pm



Tom creates a backyard chicken coop. Scott talks about the value of USB
outlets. Chris Kimball talks maple syrup.


Sat., March 26, 3:00 pm



The completion of the project reveals many improvements: a new Victorian
front porch, restored windows, relaxing master suite, functional living
space and gorgeous open kitchen.




Sat., March 26, 4:00 pm



or sprinkled, small or large, cupcakes are adored by adults and kids alike, the
“it dessert” that makes everybody smile. In this episode, Martha Stewart shares
four scrumptious cupcake recipes: blueberry swirl; lemon meringue with a
toasted meringue topping; red velvet with cream cheese frosting; and one-bite
double diablo cupcakes (for the unrepentant chocoholics in your life).



Pork Tenderloin Dinner

Sat., March 26, 4:30 pm



Test cook Bryan Roof uncovers the secrets to the perfect broiled pork tenderloin.
Then equipment expert Adam Ried reviews wine savers. And finally, test cook
Julia Collin Davison shows host Christopher Kimball how to make rice and
lentils with crispy onions.



Viva Mexico!

Sat., March 26, 5:00 pm



Jacques Pépin presents his final series, featuring demonstrations of his
impeccable technique along with candid exchanges between Jacques and his
family and friends.


Viva Mexico!
Jacques prepares a duo of superlative seafood dishes of Yucatan ceviche
and fillet of sole Riviera with pico de gallo. For dessert: grapefruit
granite with mango.



Texas 2

Sat., March 26, 5:30 pm



SIMPLY MING returns for another season of mouth-watering recipes, celebrity
appearances and culinary road trips. Each episode kicks off with a technique
demonstration, followed by two dishes – one prepared by a nationally renowned
guest chef and one by host Ming Tsai. This season focuses on comfort food –
from childhood classics to melting-pot dishes from around the world.


Texas 2
Ming tries out the local fare in Texas, visiting area purveyors and meeting
with friends old and new.


Special Programming

Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You

Thurs., Oct. 15, 10:00 pm



Hear advice on a broad set of financial issues from Suze Orman, America’s
most recognized expert in personal finance. Contents include: how to invest;
whether to buy or rent a home; saving for retirement; what kind of life
insurance to buy; wills and trusts; student loans and more.