March 15 – March 21, 2015

Arts, Drama, Culture


Foyle’s War Revisited

Sun., March 15, 7:00 pm



Enjoy favorite moments from the previous seven seasons of Foyle’s War
and get a sneak peek at Season 8 in a behind-the-scenes special celebrating a series
that has captivated loyal fans for over twelve years. Learn about the creation
of the series, the decision to set it during World War II, the research that
goes into each episode and the casting of Michael Kitchen as DCS Foyle, along
with what’s ahead for the laconic investigator in the new season. John Mahoney
(Frasier), who guest stars in the first episode of Season 8, hosts.




Death Comes to Pemberley, Part 2 of 2

Sun., March 15, 8:00 pm



A coach races up to a country house with a hysterical passenger shrieking,
“Murder!” What better way to continue Jane Austen’s immortal
novel Pride and Prejudice‌ This delicious homage to Austen, adapted from P.D.
James’ clever whodunit, stars Anna Maxwell Martin (“The Bletchley
Circle”) as Elizabeth and Matthew Rhys as Darcy. Co-stars include Matthew
Goode, Jenna Coleman, Trevor Eve and Rebecca Front.


Part 2 of 2

A suspect goes on trial for his life, while Elizabeth pursues the truth behind a
mysterious death. The future of Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, also hangs in the




An Evening at the Maharanee’s

Sun., March 15, 10:00 pm



Based on Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet novels, this dramatic series, first broadcast
in 1984, recounts the final days of the British Raj in India during World War II.


An Evening at the Maharanee’s

Guy Perron, working in intelligence with Merrick, meets Sarah, who has come to
Bombay to welcome her father home.




Raiatea Helm

Mon., March 16, 7:30 pm



Singer Raiatea Helm is joined by dad Zachary Helm, Jack Ofoia, Casey Olsen,
Aaron Salā and dancer Nani Dudoit for a performance in the PBS Hawaii studio.
In between songs Raiatea talks about her influences, recordings and
responsibilities as a Hawaiian artist.



Magic Moments: The Best of 50’s Pop

Mon., March 16, 8:00 pm



Phyllis McGuire, Pat Boone and Nick Clooney host this nostalgic trip back to
the 1950s. The program’s mix of live performance and archival footage takes
viewers back to the era’s pop music days with classic moments from Patti Page,
Perry Como, Debbie Reynolds, the McGuire Sisters and more.



Rick Steves’ Europe: Remote, Sacred, Wild

Mon., March 16, 10:00 pm



This special celebrates the wonder of the great outdoors and religious sites
in Europe and beyond. Rick canoes through the tiny canals of a Dutch nature
preserve, hikes in Northern England’s pristine Lake District, explores
Italy’s most romantic stretch of Riviera, and marvels at exquisite Medieval
art in the sister cities of Ravenna and Chartres. In the Muslim and Arab half of
the Holy Land, Rick ventures through the Judean Desert, visits a remote monastery
and bobs in the Dead Sea.



The Music of Northern Ireland with Eamonn McCrystal

Mon., March 16, 10:30 pm



Irish pop tenor Eamonn McCrystal performs songs by artists including Van Morrison
and Jimmy Kennedy, as well a traditional pieces.




Peter Merriman

Tues., March 17, 7:30 pm



How is it that the culinary movement now known as Hawaii Regional Cuisine was
developed by someone who grew up in a steel mill town in Pennsylvania‌ Chef
and restaurateur Peter Merriman tells his story of falling in love with the people,
culture and food of Hawaii – and how that love and respect led to a culinary


This program is available in high-definition and will be rebroadcast on Wed.,
March 18 at 11:00 pm and Sun., March 22 at 4:00 pm.



John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind

Tues., March 17, 10:00 pm



This special focuses on the greatest singers and songwriters of the classic
1950s and 1960s folk era. Presented by the lead singer of The Lovin’ Spoonful
(“Do You Believe in Magic”), the program features a treasure trove of historical
footage that has not been seen in more than four decades, plus performances by
artists who are still appearing in concert today. Featuring Pete Seeger and Judy
Collins singing “Turn, Turn, Turn,” Harry Belafonte’s hit “Jamaica Farewell,” Trini
Lopez’s rendition of “If I Had a Hammer,” Rod McKuen’s classic “Seasons in the
Sun,” Bobby Darin’s heartfelt “Simple Song of Freedom” and many more.





Wed., March 18, 7:30 pm & 11:30 pm



Join executive producer and narrator Anthony Bourdain as he takes viewers inside
the mind of noted Korean American chef and restaurateur David Chang, a New York
Times best-selling author and chef-owner of the Momofuku restaurant group. Chang
brings a voracious appetite for food knowledge and a youthful exuberance to cooking
and travel, whether cooking in his kitchens in New York and Australia or traveling
for inspiration to Japan, Denmark, Spain or Montreal.



Savor an entire episode devoted to soy. Chef David Chang visits tofu and miso
factories in Japan; Chef Christina Tosi makes burnt miso apple pie, Chef
Laurent Gras takes on tofu; and Chang makes his classic corn miso.




Bryan Adams in Concert

Wed., March 18, 8:00 pm



With his husky vocal sound, native Canadian singer Bryan Adams has had a hugely
successful career, selling over 100 million records. Adams rose to fame with
his Cuts Like a Knife album and became a global star with his 1984 album
Reckless. In 1991, his Waking Up the Neighbors album included the
single “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” which went on to become
one of the best-selling singles of all time. This special captures Adams during
his current world tour, singing all the hits and audience favorites of his
three-decade career.



Red Rock Serenade

Wed., March 18, 10:00 pm



Take a meditative, cinematic journey through the breathtaking scenery of the
American West’s iconic red rock country, including Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion,
Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Grand Canyon National Parks – all set to music by
some of the world’s greatest classical composers, including Bach, Brahms,
Chopin and Beethoven.



Language Matters with Bob Holman

Thurs., March 19, 8:00 pm



What do we lose when a language dies‌ What does it take to save a
language‌ Poet Bob Holman travels to a remote island off the coast of
Australia to visit aboriginal people who speak 10 different languages; Wales,
where Welsh is making a comeback; and Hawaii, where Hawaiians are fighting to
preserve their native tongue. Among those featured are Pele Harmon, Kauanoe Kamana,
Larry Kimura, Kepa Maly, W.S. Merwin, Lolena Nicholas, Puakea Nogelmeier, Keali‘i
Reichel and Kau‘i Sai-Dudoit.




London City Guide 2

Thurs., March 19, 10:00 pm



Host Brianna Barnes embarks on her tour of London at Buckingham Palace, heads over
to the National Gallery, checks out the fashionable Spitalfields Market, tours
the street art scene, visits the finest shops in Mayfair and bikes from Regent’s
Park to the Olympic Stadium. She takes a daytrip to Oxford for a tour of
Christchurch, the largest of all the Oxford colleges. Back in London, Brianna
speeds off along the Thames River to Greenwich for a look at the Royal Naval
College and the National Maritime Museum, then pops over to the Tate Modern,
visits stately Cliveden House and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, home to the
biggest botanical collection in the world, before exploring the delights of
Richmond Park on horseback. She concludes her stay in London by taking part in
the annual Thames Festival.






Host Eric Gorges goes on a quest to discover the true craftsmen in today’s world.
Traveling across the country, Gorges interviews the men and women responsible
for carrying the tools, trades and traditions of fine craftsmanship into the
21st century. Gorges, a welder by trade, meets and interviews master craftsmen,
and learns why they chose their craft, where they learned their skills, how
they live using their talents and the challenges and importance of keeping
those traditions alive in a modern-day world.



The Blacksmith

Thurs., March 19, 11:00 pm


Eric visits with Lorelei Sims, a talented blacksmith working in a mostly
male-dominated trade. Their conversation reveals the blacksmith’s way
of life: communal, family-oriented and often, an extension of home life.



The Blade Maker

Thurs., March 19, 11:30 pm


Knife-maker Tim Zowada’s creations start from sand collected from Lake Michigan.
Eric visits with Tim and makes a knife.




Judy Garland: By Myself

Fri., March 20, 9:00 pm



Judy Garland had one of the most photographed faces ever to come out of Hollywood.
She also had one of the most frequently recorded voices of the last century.
She is as iconic as she is misunderstood. With singular entrée to the MGM
library, including vaulted screen tests and rehearsal footage, this film is
wrapped in Garland’s voice, telling her story in her own words.




Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Fri., March 20, 11:00 pm



This documentary traces the evolution and legacy of the superheroine, from
the 1940s to the blockbusters of today. It looks at how popular representations
of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation.
The film goes behind the scenes with TV stars Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and
Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), comic writers and artists and real-life
superheroines such as Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna and others, who offer an
enlightening and entertaining counterpoint to the male-dominated superhero genre.




North Fork

Sat., March 21, 7:00 pm



This series combines flavorful ingredients, top chefs and beautiful locations
for the ultimate dining experience. Australian chef Pete Evans goes coast-to-coast,
traveling to New Orleans, Maine, Chicago, California and other locations across
the United States to meet the best chefs in the area and cooks a delicious meal
that incorporates local and seasonal ingredients.


North Fork

Pete drives 120 miles outside New York City to the tip of Long Island where he meets
up with Chefs Bill Taibe and Will Horowitz. Together the trio starts the day going
fishing for whelk. Later they visit a duck farm and then head back to Will’s
house where the group does a bit of clamming. The meal: traditional clambake; whelk
and potatoes with celery salsa verde, roasted carrots and beets; fermented black
beans; sesame-smoked duck with grits and gravy; and pickled strawberries.





Sat., March 21, 7:30 pm



America’s leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to
bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countrysides. Each episode contains
Rick’s valuable insights on art, culture and history, and his practical,
experience-enhancing travel advice.



A tumultuous 20th century left Berlin filled with powerful sights – from
evocative memorials, to surviving bits of its communist and fascist days, to
its glass-domed Reichstag. Rick visits the city’s now-trendy east side, its
people-friendly riverfront, and its vibrant social scene. Reunited Berlin –
perhaps the fastest changing and most happening city in Europe – is
entertaining more visitors than ever.



A Perfect Balance

Sat., March 21, 8:00 pm



When the curtain rises on a ballet performance, audience members may marvel at
the artistry and skill of the choreography, but often overlook the dedicated
dancers responsible for bringing the work to life. This program goes backstage
for a revealing look inside the world of ballet. Through interviews, some of
the world’s greatest dancers describe the commitment and discipline required
for a life in professional ballet. Their stories provide a rarely seen glimpse
into the lives of some of today’s most gifted and accomplished dancers and shed
light on the creative process. The film captures principal dancers from the
American Ballet Theatre, Berlin Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, New York City Ballet
and San Francisco Ballet rehearsing and performing their signature works in a
wide array of styles – classical pas de deux, contemporary, high-energy,
lyrical and romantic.



Mia, A Dancer’s Journey

Sat., March 21, 9:00 pm



One of the most celebrated ballerinas of the 20th century, Mia Slavenska was
Croatia’s greatest dancer and a pioneer in American ballet. A daughter’s
promise to tell her mother’s story serves as the starting point for this
documentary, which becomes a fascinating and moving reflection on historical
memory, national identity and the power of dance. The film traces Mia’s journey
from tumultuous prewar Europe through her emergence as a glamorous ballerina of
the Ballets Russes and a star attraction on stages across America, culminating
with her return to her homeland.




Keith Urban

Sat., March 21, 10:00 pm



The Grammy Award-winning country music superstar performs many of his chart-topping
songs at New York’s Highline Ballroom, including his most recent hits “Little
Bit of Everything” and “We Were Us” from his album Fuse.




The Civil Wars/Punch Brothers

Sat., March 21, 11:00 pm



ACL presents American acoustic music with the Civil Wars and Punch Brothers. The Civil
Wars play tunes from their Grammy-winning album Barton Hollow. Then, Punch
Brothers showcase their latest record Who’s Feeling Young Now‌.



Public Affairs




More Than a Statistic

Sun., March 15, 6:00 pm



Nearly 40 million adults in America – 1 in 5 – lack a high school diploma
or GED credential. In this four-part series focusing on America’s dropout crisis,
we’ll meet some of America’s dropouts, come to understand the issues they face,
and learn about the people and programs helping them drop back in and move on
with their educations and lives.


More Than a Statistic

The longer someone is out of school the less likely they are to go back. This
episode looks at programs designed to get young dropouts back on course.
Featured are Pedro Albizu Campos High School in Chicago, where a community-based
curriculum incorporates Puerto Rican culture, and YouthBuild, a national program
combining academics with mentoring and construction career training.




Thurs., March 19, 7:30 pm


This episode of HIKI NŌ is hosted by Kapaa Middle School on Kauai.


Top Story:

Students from Maui Waena Intermediate School on Maui profile Jasmine Doan, a
senior from Seabury Hall who launched two community service projects that benefit
students across the island. The daughter of two entrepreneurs, Jasmine is following in
her parents’ footsteps:  She created the Maui Math Circle, a student-volunteer-based
organization that tutors Maui elementary school students in math and helps them
develop a passion for numbers.  Jasmine also launched the TEDx Youth Conference
on Maui, a spin-off of the highly popular speakers’ series on technology,
entertainment, and design.  She created the TEDx Youth Conference so that
“…middle and high school students from Maui can share their ideas, their
passions, and their stories with the greater community.”


Also Featured:

Students from Waiakea High School on Hawaii Island examine the rising number of
ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries among high school student-athletes and
show how some are overcoming their injuries; students from Aliamanu Middle
School on Oahu profile Pilialoha Lee Loy, a beloved teacher who has taught at
the school for forty-five years; students from Radford High School on Oahu
illustrate the key first step in learning to drive – getting your Hawaii
driver’s learner permit; students at Hongwanji Mission School on Oahu feature
the close bond between eighth grader Cole Miyamura and his father, Davin Miyamura,
who teaches at the school and has coached his son on twenty-seven sports teams; and
students from Moanalua High School on Oahu file a report on over-caffeinated teens.


This program encores Saturday, March 21 at 12:30 pm and Sunday, March 22 at 3:00 pm.
You can also view HIKI NŌ episodes on our website,



Fri., March 20, 7:30 pm



For 40 years, WASHINGTON WEEK has delivered one of the most interesting
conversations of the week. Hosted by Gwen Ifill, it is the longest-running
public affairs program on PBS and features a group of journalists participating
in roundtable discussion of major news events.




Fri., March 20, 8:00 pm



This weekly series features the iconic TV anchor’s focus on the events and
conversations shaping this week and the week ahead. Drawing on conversations
from his nightly PBS program and new insightful perspectives from around the
world, it captures the defining moments in politics, science, business,
culture, media and sports.




Fri., March 20, 8:30 pm



THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP is an unscripted forum featuring some of the greatest
political analysts in the nation.






Linen Press, Part Two

Sat., March 21, 2:00 pm



In the 5th season of the series, respected furniture maker Tommy MacDonald and his
friends Al, Eli and Steve share bold and inspiring woodworking designs. Tommy
travels to historic landmarks in the Boston area, Chicago and beyond for inspiration,
and then returns to his workshop to create pieces for the home and office. Thirteen
new half-hour episodes introduce a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects tailored
to the recreational woodworker. The large-scale pieces – including beds, tables and
wardrobes – blend new-school methods with old-school techniques.


Linen Press, Part Two

A linen press is half drawers and half wardrobe and perfect for household linens
like towels and sheets. On this episode, Tommy finishes his cherry wood linen
press by completing the upper element, the wardrobe. He’ll show us how to
install the shelves and hang the door on its hinges as well as how to complete
the piece with a wonderful finish.




Sat., March 21, 2:30 pm



Richard helps a homeowner install a whole house ductless heating and cooling system.
Kevin shares some tips on hearing protection and Tom helps a homeowner repair a
sagging plaster ceiling.




Lexington Project 2015: Inspections

Sat., March 21, 3:00 pm



Norm and Tom install reinforced fiberglass columns to support the new farmer’s
porch. Richard meets plumbing contractor Brian Bilo and local plumbing inspector Donald
“Duke” LaConte, and Tom shows Kevin how he’s turning an arched
doorway into one that’s squared off to match the rest of the first floor
openings. Kevin and Tom meet building commissioner Fred Lonardo to see what
goes into the rough mechanical and rough framing inspections. After Fred signs
off, insulation begins. Tom shows Kevin the storm window system he’s using to
enclose the screen porch, and Russell Parrot shows how to heat the space:
electric radiant floor heat.




One-Pot Meals

Sat., March 21, 4:00 pm



Looking for the quickest, easiest way to get dinner on the table‌ Watch as
Martha Stewart makes four one-pot meals, using a different cooking vessel for each: a
stove-top clambake in a stockpot, risotto with shrimp and herbs in a
pressure cooker, poached cod with tomatoes in a skillet and arroz con pollo
in a Dutch oven.




Mahogany Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Sat., March 21, 4:30 pm



Test cook Julia Collin Davison shows host Christopher Kimball how to make mahogany
chicken thighs. Next, gadget guru Lisa McManus reviews her favorite kitchen
gadgets. And finally, test cook Bridget Lancaster reveals the test kitchen’s
secret to perfect stir-fried asparagus with shiitake mushrooms.




All the World Loves a Dumpling

Sat., March 21, 5:00 pm



Chef Ming Tsai returns for another season of mouthwatering recipes, celebrity
appearances and culinary road trips. This season focuses on comfort food –
from childhood classics to melting-pot dishes from around the world. Each episode
kicks off with a technique demonstration, followed by two dishes – one prepared
by a nationally renowned guest chef and one by Ming.


All the World Loves a Dumpling

Dumplings are a food that brings families together. Between making the filling and
shaping the dumplings, there’s something for everyone to do in the kitchen and
it’s a fun activity that can unite a household. First, Chef Ming makes his
ginger pork dumplings; then, Candice Kumai drops in to show off her Japanese roots
with her own gyoza.




Imperial Hue

Sat., March 21, 5:30 pm



International culinary icon Martin Yan returns with a new series that explores
the bustling cities, breathtaking landscapes, colorful history and authentic
cuisine of Vietnam. Over the course of 26 episodes, Martin travels extensively
throughout Vietnam, fishing in tiny floating villages, sampling street food in
Hanoi, and learning about rice cultivation in the lush countryside. Martin brings
his infectious enthusiasm and impressive culinary skills to the table as he
demonstrates Vietnamese mainstays.


Imperial Hue

For a hundred and fifty years, Hue served as the imperial capital of Vietnam.
Much of its historical splendor is being restored. Martin visits the palaces and
receives a lesson on royal cuisine by a local chef whose family served in the
imperial kitchen. He visits a nearby temple where the royal cuisine takes on a
religious twist. Recipes include: mini banana cakes; lotus-steamed fried rice,
Vietnamese savory crepes.



Additional Programming



Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You

Tues., March 17, 8:00 pm



Up-to-date advice on a broad set of financial issues from Suze Orman, America’s
most recognized expert in personal finance, includes: how to invest; whether to
buy or rent a home; saving for retirement; what kind of life insurance to buy;
wills and trusts; student loans and more. Orman offers tangible information on
managing money today and how to make smarter choices for a more economically
secure future.