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As Hawaiʻi trudges through the COVID-19 pandemic, PBS Hawaiʻi is reaching into our vast video archive to share pearls of wisdom about living with and getting past adversity. This campaign features brief but potent manaʻo online, on social media and on-air between regular programming. A multimedia community resilience program from PBS Hawaiʻi and Kamehameha Schools. We begin with four mana wāhine, or women of strength.
Find out why a banyan tree, a rake and a pile of leaves proved to be therapeutic for former Makaha Sons bandmate Louis “Moon” Kauakahi.
Life isn’t meant to be easy. Find out why from personal coach Alice Inoue.
Sustainable agriculture advocate Kamuela Enos shares that the basis of resilience isn’t having an easy life. It's about having the skills to navigate a challenging one so you can create abundance around you.
Ulalia Woodside of the Nature Conservancy Hawaiʻi Chapter says that it is through finding the right partners that we have the ability to create something bigger than ourselves.
For Hawaiian language educator and champion, Amy Kalili, family and faith are the two driving forces in her life.
Storyteller, actor and writer Lopaka Kapanui shares that our life's work is not about helping ourselves, rather it's about helping others.
According to entrepreneur and cultural business consultant Maile Meyer, now more than ever, we need to collaborate together rather than work independently.
Business leader and storyteller Pono Shim shares his feelings on being prepared for important moments, whenever they come.
Polynesian Voyaging Canoe Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson shares that during these challenging times, the worst thing we can be is apathetic.
Known as the Golden Voice of Hawaiʻi, Emma Veary shares that as she has aged, she’s learned not to let the bumps in the road get to her.
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