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Hong Kong, Part 1 of 2

RUDY MAXA’S WORLD: Hong Kong, Part 1


A bastion of capitalism under the umbrella of China, a city with a stunning array of architecturally interesting skyscrapers, and a city where shopping and dining are varsity sports, Hong Kong certainly ranks as one of the world’s great cities. Host Rudy Maxa and Washington, D.C. restaurateur and chef Daisuke Utagawa enthusiastically eat their way through Hong Kong, from cheap but authentic, hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants to Michelin-starred palaces. Along the way they illustrate the excitement, stunning topography, and energy that defines Hong Kong.


Hong Kong, Part 1 of 2
From hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants, to Michelin-starred palaces, Rudy and chef Daisuke Utagawa eat their way through the amazing foods & flavors of Hong Kong.