Great Moments from Soundbreaking


Get an all-access pass to the seminal moments in recorded music with this compilation special with Adele (pictured), Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Roger Daltrey, Quincy Jones, Ringo Starr, Niles Rogers and more.


Four on the Floor

SOUNDBREAKING: Four on the Floor


This wide-ranging, eight-part series, airing weeknights Nov. 14-23, explores the extraordinary impact of recorded music on our modern world. The series offers unprecedented access to more than 150 artists and producers from across the music spectrum, and features rare archival studio footage and an extensive soundtrack.


This series was the last creative project for Sir George Martin, the producer who was instrumental behind many of The Beatles’ albums, before he passed away in March.


Four on the Floor
Chart the progression of the beat from drum and bass to beatbox and beyond. Features Beyoncé, Nile Rodgers, Chic, Donna Summer, James Brown, Little Richard, The Bee Gees, Blondie, Annie Lennox and more.