BAFTA Celebrates Downton Abbey


BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) celebrates Downton Abbey with a special program offering insight into the making of the award- winning series, a look back with the cast at their favorite moments and a behind-the-scenes peek with the crew on set.


World Without Borders


More than two years in the making, this concert special is a unique behind-the-scenes look at Yanni and his orchestra as they perform throughout the world. Songs performed include “Deliverance,” “Santorini” and “Nostalgia.”


Behind The Scenes with Bob Apisa

Behind the Scenes with Bob Apisa at PBS Hawaii

Bob Apisa in studio with LONG STORY SHORT WITH LESLIE WILCOX Producer, Stacy Paris.


November 19, 1966 turned out to be a big day for Bob Apisa! He just happened to be playing in the game of the century…a football game between Michigan State University and Notre Dame.


And as it turns out, Bob Apisa also happened to be part of television history and the Farrington grad and former MSU fullback was in the PBS Hawaii studio today chatting with studio President and CEO Leslie Wilcox about that, and more.


That 1966 morning, a satellite over Sydney, Australia bounced its signal over to Hawaii, broadcasting live television for the first time in the Pacific State. The broadcast? A live football game between MSU and Notre Dame – Apisa was playing in that game of the century. He was also the first Samoan All-American college player, a half century before Marcus Mariota’s Rose Bowl victory against FSU earlier this year.


The former football player and Hollywood stunt man, now retired and living in Granada Hills, CA, was back on the island to celebrate his BIG 7-0 with family and friends.


“My buddies whom I’ve known since my days here in Hawaii know that when I come home, we commiserate on a social basis. We don’t dwell on mundane everyday professional drudgery,” Apisa shares with a jovial smile. “We sit and drink Coronas and tell nothing but big FAT LIES!”


Apisa’s in our studio today sharing his story. He’ll be a guest of LONG STORY SHORT WITH LESLIE WILCOX, airing in August.


That’s #BehindTheScenes… at PBS Hawaii.


Bob Apisa pictured with Leslie Wilcox, #BehindTheScenes at PBS Hawaii.

Bob Apisa pictured with Leslie Wilcox, #BehindTheScenes at PBS Hawaii.