Will Our Children Ever Be Able to Afford to Live in Hawai‘i?


There seems to be no end to the rising cost of living in Hawai‘i. The high prices of housing, groceries, gas and other necessities make it more and more difficult for us to live in today’s paradise. But what about our children? If it’s this hard to make ends meet now, what will life in Hawai‘i be like for future generations? Daryl Huff hosts this discussion.



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• Clerical Student | Part-Time

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Clerical Student


This student position is an entry-level clerical position within PBS Hawai‘i’s Engineering department. Duties include preparation of purchase orders, processing vendor invoices, tracking payments made to vendors, assist with equipment inventory and receptionist coverage.


No experience necessary. Starting pay is $11.00 per hour. This position reports directly to the Chief Engineer. There is flexibility in scheduling work hours.


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