Food, Drink and Place

RUDY MAXA’S WORLD: Food, Drink and Place - Asada in Argentina


At Istanbul’s Spice Market, persimmons are split open, their insides resembling melting rubies. Brown-gold paprika is carefully molded into the shape of a pyramid. Cinnamon, cumin, ginger, and cardamom infuse the air with the fragrance of the East. From haggis in Scotland to soba and tea in Japan, from asada in Argentina to bibimbap in Korea, food and drink help illustrate the culture of a place and its people.




Persimmon Style

A CHEFʻS LIFE: Persimmon Style - Photo:Ted Richardson, For The Washington Post


In the fifth season of this award-winning series, Vivian hits the road in a food truck to support her first cookbook, a 500-page “culinary love letter.”


Persimmon Style
Vivian takes her twins to pick persimmons and learns about the different varieties of the fruit. Back in Kinston, she gets a pudding lesson from Chef Bill Smith of Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill.