Pork and Pierogi

COOK’S COUNTRY: Pork and Pierogi


Hosted by America’s Test Kitchen chefs Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, COOK’S COUNTRY features some of the best in home cooking with a family-friendly, practical approach. Regional favorites, new classics and lost recipes are scientifically re-imagined for the modern cook.


Pork and Pierogi
Julia shows Bridget how to prepare a cider-braised pork roast; tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Bridget to a sauerkraut tasting; test cook Bryan Roof uncovers the secrets to a Pittsburg regional specialty, potato-cheddar pierogi, a Polish dumpling.


A Few Good Pie Places


Come along on a tour of fruity and creamy pie shops from New York to Montana. Meet the bakers who know how to make dough, add spices to fillings and crisscross a lattice top. Classic apple pies abound, but there is also cherry, blueberry, fluffy coconut cream, cherry lattice and sweet potato.