NHK NEWSLINE delivers the latest from Japan, Asia and the rest of the world. Their wide network of correspondents around the globe cover breaking news and developing stories, offering a unique Asian perspective. Together with a team of trusted anchors, NHK NEWSLINE presents a picture of what’s happening now, and what’s ahead. The series’ alternating anchors include: Ross Mihara, Raja Pradhan, Minori Takako, James Tengan, Ai Uchida and Miki Yamamoto. Photo courtesy of NHK.






Snow Bears

NATURE: Snow Bears


Witness the incredible journey of newborn polar bear cubs as they leave the safety of their den for the first time. Bravely led by their mother, the cubs must make the perilous 400-mile Arctic voyage to the sea to feed.









Miami is beloved for its beaches and waterfront homes and businesses. See how engineers and planners are trying to protect Miami from rising seas and ever-more-frequent and violent storm surges that could destroy the city’s tourist and business economy.









See firsthand why London’s Thames Barrier is no longer enough to keep the city safe from rising tides. The system has worked for decades, but due to increased environmental challenges, its location on a flood plain and heavy urbanization, London must now explore both low-tech fixes and some of the most advanced engineering solutions in the world.








See how Tokyo is looking for new ways to fight back against rising waters. Typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and sinking neighborhoods threaten one of the world’s most populous cities, and the economic engine of Japan, with some of the world’s largest problems.



PBS Hawai‘i reschedules live KĀKOU town hall for Oct. 25

PBS HAWAI‘I – News Release

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September 11, 2018


PBS Hawaiʻi reschedules live KĀKOU town hall for Oct. 25Due to the unpredictability of Tropical Storm Olivia’s effects, PBS Hawai‘i has postponed its live statewide conversation about “The Future of Work” until Oct. 25. This KĀKOU – Hawai‘i’s Town Hall was originally scheduled for Thursday.


The two-hour live program with 40 studio participants and social media input will ask: Are we preparing ourselves and our children for a future where technology will transform the workplace – and our lives?


Representatives from government, business, labor, education and nonprofit organizations will come together for this community conversation about what’s referred to as “the fourth Industrial Revolution.” What does this revolution look like, and what do these transformational changes mean for Hawai‘i’s economy and employment landscape? Is this an opportunity to reshape the future of work in Hawai‘i?


The discussion airs on PBS Hawai‘i on Oct. 25 from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. A live stream will also be available on and PBS Hawai‘i’s Facebook page. Viewers are invited to join the discussion by emailing using the #PBSKakou hashtag on Twitter, or leaving a comment on the Facebook live stream.


KĀKOU – Hawai‘i’s Town Hall is a periodic series of live town hall-style discussions around pivotal topics that affect our Islands.


PBS Hawai‘i is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and Hawai‘i’s sole member of the trusted Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). We advance learning and discovery through storytelling that profoundly touches people’s lives. We bring the world to Hawai‘i and Hawai‘i to the world. | | @pbshawaii



Wild Weather


The best way to truly understand weather is to get inside it. WILD WEATHER introduces a global group of experts who risk their lives to demonstrate the power of wind, water and temperature, taking these simple “ingredients” and transforming them into something spectacular and powerful for everyone to understand.



Living with the Weather Machine


Join scientists on a quest to better understand the weather and climate machine we call Earth. Why do scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, and how can we be resilient – even thrive – in the face of enormous change?



Mystery Beneath the Ice


Dive down under Antarctica’s landscape with a team of scientists as they search for the mystery killer that’s decimating the population of delicate shrimp-like creatures at the foundation of the Antarctic food chain.


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