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Tutorials and Downloads
  • Crafting A Stellar Student Reflection
  • Shape Your Story Through Editing
  • Page Before Screen: Scripting Your HIKI NO Story
  • Reflecting On Paper: How to script your HIKI NO Student Reflection
  • Beginning, Middle and End: The Three-Act Storytelling Structure
  • Action! You're On Camera. Tricks To Nail On-Camera Performance
  • Finding the Story Within Your Idea: Story Development Strategies
  • Shoot to Edit: How To Film A Sequence
  • Make Your HIKI NO How-To Stand Out
  • 2021 HIKI NŌ Teachers Conference
  • Collaborating During COVID
  • Student Reflections
  • From Sound Bite to Voiceover
  • How to Shoot an Interview with a Smartphone
  • Finding the Story in your Topic
  • How to Shoot a Sequence
  • Shaping Your Story Through Editing
  • How to Make Your Story Flow
  • The Three-Act Story Structure
  • How to use Google Classroom to produce a story for HIKI NŌ. Overview and live demo of the process. HIKI NŌ Google Classroom
    This tutorial covers the "dos and don'ts" of framing an interview subject.
    This video covers the basic understanding of proper audio levels and the difference between analog and digital levels.
    Do you think you can determine what that noise is in your audio? Find out.
    Discover how a 'story premise' can help you in shaping your personal profile story.
    Find out how creating a 5-Point Story Outline can help make a successful HIKI NŌ story.
    Learn how to best shoot and utilize a video b-roll sequence in your story.
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