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Tutorials and Downloads
Learn how to create a HIKI NŌ How-to Story.
Learn how shoot an interview with your DSLR.
The editor “writes” the final draft of a HIKI NŌ story. Learn ways to sharpen your storytelling skills in the editing phase of production.
With the majority of students working from home, the use of smartphones as cameras will become more and more common. However, HIKI NŌ will still demand PBS production values. Learn how to maintain that level of quality with your smartphone.
PART I: Choose Your Own Adventure! How to Find Your Story During the Pre-Interview with Terri Inefuku & Christi Young
Exploring the fundamentals of Visual Storytelling by answering the question "What Makes a Great Story?"
What is HIKI NO? with Editor and Co-producer Brent Keane and Managing Editor Eleni Avendaño. Case studies by HIKI NŌ mentors…

  • Shirley Thompson
  • Terri Inefuku
  • Dave Rosen
  • Ryan Kawamoto
  • Crafting A Stellar Student Reflection
  • Shape Your Story Through Editing
  • Page Before Screen: Scripting Your HIKI NO Story
  • Reflecting On Paper: How to script your HIKI NO Student Reflection
  • Beginning, Middle and End: The Three-Act Storytelling Structure
  • Action! You're On Camera. Tricks To Nail On-Camera Performance
  • Finding the Story Within Your Idea: Story Development Strategies
  • Shoot to Edit: How To Film A Sequence
  • Make Your HIKI NO How-To Stand Out
  • 2021 HIKI NŌ Teachers Conference
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