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Celebrating HIKI NŌ’s Big 10

HIKI NŌ #1211 Thurs., February 25, 2021 7:30 pm HIKI NŌ 10th Anniversary Special

The very first episode of HIKI NŌ premiered at the end of February 2011. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the premiere, this special episode features former students who either hosted or had produced stories for that very first episode. These former students, along with their HIKI NŌ teachers, met on Zoom to reminisce about what it was like to be part of the team that created the very first episode of the nation’s first statewide student news network.

Included are: The hosts of the premiere episode: Christopher Kim, Dayna Yamasaki, Justin Collado and their teacher Jennifer Suzuki. Christopher, Dayna and Justin were Maui Waena Intermediate School eighth graders at the time of the premiere.

Former Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School (Kauaʻi) students Lorinda Meadows and Danica Ola, who produced “Friday Night Lights” for the premiere episode. Their story dealt with the controversy over Kauaʻi County cancelling Friday night football games because protected shearwater birds were flying into the stadium lights. They are joined by their HIKI NŌ teacher Kevin Matsunaga.

Former Konawaena High School (Hawaiʻi Island) students John Hubbard and Justin Uchimura, who created “Coach Bobbie Awa: How Champions Are Made,” about their school’s legendary girls basketball coach. John and Justin are joined by their HIKI NŌ teacher Michelle Obregon.

Former Maui High School students Glesa Tolentino and Jasmine Feliciano, who produced “Takamiya Market,” their story about the iconic mom-and-pop store in Happy Valley, Maui. They are joined by their HIKI NŌ teacher Clint Gima. We also find out what each of these original HIKI NŌ students are doing now, 10 years later.

All four educators are still teaching HIKI NŌ and have consistently done so for the past 10 years.