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From Baking Showdowns to Nostalgic Dreams

In this episode of HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i, our cohort of Hawai‘i’s New Wave of Storytellers follow the delicious journey of a young baker, discover what it takes to be a volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society, and speak about how to overcome performance jitters, among other stories.

Summit Chun-Hoon, a fourth grader at E.B. deSilva Elementary School on the Big Island, shares his Student Reflection about preparing for his school’s May Day performance and how he navigated pre-show anxiety.

Eli Yasuda, a second grader at Waikiki Elementary School on O‘ahu, shares a HIKI NŌ Did You Know project about his experience at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Jacqueline Ellis, a student at Konawaena High School on Hawai‘i Island, shares a  profile story she produced about a young baker named Sophia who combines sweet flavors of Italy and Kona, Hawai‘i.

Emma Jane Roy, a student at H.P. Baldwin High School on Maui, takes viewers into her world through a poetic HIKI NŌ Personal Narrative about nostalgia, memories and emotions.

Stephen Throne, a junior at Ka‘u High and Pahala Elementary School, hosts.

HIKI NŌ 4|23|24: 1514

Emma Jane Roy, H.P. Baldwin High School

“I canʻt help but wake up wanting to relive the memories that I once made. It’s not that I’m scared of what lies ahead. I think looking back is easier than looking forward into the future where millions of possibilities can be seen.”