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In Search of our Fathers


From AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES (2006) through the first season of FINDING YOUR ROOTS (2012), Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has been helping people identify relatives hidden for generations. Professor Gates employs a team of genealogists and the world’s leading geneticists to uncover the origins of a diverse group of 30 guests. Each of the 10 episodes will feature three guests bound together by an intimate, sometimes hidden, link, as Gates treks through layers of ancestral history, uncovers secrets and surprises, and shares life-altering discoveries.


In Search of Our Fathers
Stephen King’s father walked out on the family when Stephen was two years old and never returned. Courtney Vance’s father was a foster child and never knew who his biological parents were; after his suicide, Courtney wants to learn more about his roots. Gloria Reuben’s father was 78 years old when she was born ― he died when she was young, taking the secret of his ancestry with him. Henry Louis Gates solves the mystery of their paternal ancestry and introduces them to relatives they never knew they had.