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How Much Tourism Is Too Much, and Who Decides?

What are People Saying?

What can be done to smooth tensions between tourists and residents?

Is Hawaiʻi doing a good job with tourism management?

Can there be too much tourism? Who decides how much tourism is too much?

Have you been affected by tourism in your community?

Invited Guests: Stakeholders from the tourism industry, labor, government and communities from across Hawai‘i.

Confirmed guests include:

  • Carl Bonham, University of Hawaiʻi Economic Research Organization
  • Curt Cottrell, State Parks Division Administrator
  • John De Fries, Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority President and CEO
  • Eric Gill, Unite HERE Local 5 Financial Secretary
  • Joel Guy, The Hanalei Initiative (Kauaʻi)
  • Mufi Hannemann, Hawaiʻi Lodging and Tourism Assoc., President and CEO
  • Napua Hueu, Hāna Highway Regulation (Maui)
  • Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO
  • Wendy J. Laros, Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce
  • Greg Maples, Hawaii Restaurant Association
  • Kathleen Pahinui, North Shore Neighborhood Board Chair (Oʻahu)
  • Mahina Paishon-Duarte, Aloha ʻĀina Economic Futures
  • Cindi Punihaole, Kahaluʻu Bay Education Center (Hawaiʻi Island)
  • Mitch Roth, Hawaiʻi County Mayor
  • Kelly Takaya King, Maui County Councilmember
  • Mike Victorino, Maui County Mayor
  • Keith Vieira, Principal at KV & Associates, Hospitality Consulting
  • Tina Yamaki, Retail Merchants of Hawaii President

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