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Chef Edward Lee embarks on adventures that take him out of the kitchen and into the depths of what moves and motivates him — seeking the history of what it means to be a chef, the key to making a perfect bourbon, the call of that culinary siren, the American South. One part Southern soul, one part Asian spice and one part New York attitude, Lee is a Korean American who grew up in Brooklyn, trained in NYC kitchens and has spent the better part of a decade honing his vision at 610 Magnolia Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.


Ed dissects the evolution of a dish and the public’s changing tastes. He tries his hand at cooking alternative meats (like alligator); enjoys a recipe that has stood the test of time, Maw Maw’s Ravioli from Hog & Hominy’s Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman; and creates a quickly disappearing dim sum dish with Stuart Brioza, as he looks toward the future of food.