New Places, New Faces

In this episode of HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i, host Koen-Zae Walker, an 8th grader at Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy, shares multiple Student Reflection videos from his classmates’ HIKI NŌ class project along with other stories from Hawai‘iʻs New Wave of Storytellers.

Walker’s Student Reflection piece about finding a new sport after saying goodbye to an old one due to safety reasons. Also from Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy on the Big Island, Umi Radcliffe Suzuki, shares a Student Reflection about learning to make friends in her second home, Japan, and Khloe Nakagawa speaks about dedicating her life to hula and following in her mom’s footsteps to become a competitive hula dancer.

Marcos Belloto Portes, a student at Waiākea High School on Hawai‘i island, speaks about how he’s kept his focus on his goal of becoming an actor and working in the film industry, even after moving across the globe.

Students at Ka‘u High and Pahala Elementary School on Hawai‘i Island tell viewers what it’s like to battle anxiety at school.

H.P. Baldwin High School students on Maui share their profile story about a passionate basketball coach whose hearing impairment hasn’t changed his love or ability to teach the sport.

To close the show, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy teachers Mellon Monello and Nicole Kūwalu Anakalea share their experience teaching the HIKI NO curriculum in a special HIKI NŌ Teacher Spotlight segment.

HIKI NŌ 2|6|24: 1510


Koen-Zae Walker, 8th grader, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy, Hawai‘i Island

“This video took a lot of teamwork. I found out that the more patient we were as a team, the less stressed we were, and the easier it was to focus and finish our video.”