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Leslie Wilcox, President and CEO of PBS Hawaii

It’s not unusual for someone I meet on the street to tell me: “You were just in my living room last night.”

I’m always thrilled that you choose to have PBS Hawaii in your home. We do picture leaving our slippas on your porch as you beckon us inside as enduring friends!

PBS Hawaii and our viewers share something precious with each other.

You make contributions to sustain an independent, locally owned media alternative. And your gifts extend value to others who can’t afford to support public television.

PBS Hawaii provides a trusted place of discovery. We offer diverse subjects and storytelling that respect your intelligence and at their best are intriguing and illuminating. We bring reliable information and context, and we don’t try to tell you what to think.




Local ownership used to be the norm throughout much of the media world. But over the years, a handful of huge companies has come to control much of what we watch. That’s not inherently bad, but it is also not local.

PBS Hawaii is able to bring out local concerns and island voices that may not be heard in off shore headquarters. We set our own policies, make our own program decisions, and we rise or fall based on how responsive we are to local needs.

As your fellow Hawaii citizens, we’re thankful for you and for the precious time, curious mindset, and community values that we share.


With gratitude,

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