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HIKI NŌ ON PBS HAWAIʻI: 2023 Spring Challenge

Students had just five days to answer the call for stories that met the prompt “A Blessing in Disguise.” They conducted interviews and edited their stories without any hands-on help from teachers and no mentoring from industry professionals. During the normal, non-competitive HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i production cycle, students have several weeks and sometimes months to complete their projects. They also receive one-on-one mentorship help from HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i mentors.Scores were given based on how well the stories met the prompt, production and storytelling criteria. This episode also includes a special segment that takes viewers behind the scenes to meet the student hosts of the 2022-2023 HIKI NŌ season, who represent middle and high schools on Maui, Kauaʻi, and O‘ahu.

Season 14 – Round 3 : #1418