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Air Date: Tue, Oct 3, 2023 10:00 PM
FRONTLINE, takes a deep look at the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Examine the making of one of the best teams and worst scandals in modern Major League Baseball history, the limited accountability and how it changed the sport.
Air Date: Tue, Sep 26, 2023 10:00 PM
FRONTLINE: Putin vs The Press, reports on one journalist’s battle to defend free speech in Putin’s Russia. Follow Nobel prize-winner Dmitry Muratov (pictured) as he fights to keep his newspaper alive and his reporters safe amid a government crackdown.
Air Date: Tue, Sep 5, 2023 10:00 PM
In this two-part special, FRONTLINE looks at a little known "two strikes" law and pregnancy in prison. In collaboration with The Marshall Project, the first half examines how a former West Point cadet got life in prison under a "two strikes" law. The second half documents what happens to pregnant women in prison and their newborns.
Air Date: Tue, Aug 8, 2023 10:00 PM

With a trove of gripping footage filmed by protestors, this documentary goes inside the uprising that rocked Iran after the death of a young woman in police custody — and sheds new light on a regime under unprecedented pressure.

Air Date: Tue, Jun 13, 2023 10:00 PM
FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate deadly truck accidents and the fight over measures that could save thousands of lives. As deaths rise, the documentary examines decades of legal maneuvering, political influence, lax regulation and industry opposition.
Air Date: Tue, May 23, 2023 10:00 PM
The enduring story of the battle of Fallujah, told by the people who lived through it. Twenty years after the invasion of Iraq, soldiers, journalists and ordinary Iraqis recount one of the defining episodes of the war.
Air Date: Tue, May 9, 2023 10:00 PM
As controversy erupts around Clarence and Ginni Thomas, FRONTLINE tells the inside story of their path to power. This investigation from veteran filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team traces how race, power and controversy collide in the rise of the Supreme Court justice and his wife and how the couple has reshaped American law and politics.
Air Date: Tue, Apr 4, 2023 10:00 PM
How America's 20-year investment in Afghanistan culminated in Taliban victory. Drawing on decades of on-the-ground reporting and interviews with Taliban and U.S. officials, part one of this epic three-part investigation traces the missteps and consequences.
Air Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2023 10:00 PM
FRONTLINE investigates how the Hollywood mogul allegedly sexually harassed and abused dozens of women over four decades. With allegations going back to Weinstein’s early years, the film examines the elaborate ways he and those around him tried to silence his accusers.
Air Date: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 9:00 PM
FRONTLINE: Age of Easy Money, investigates the role of the Federal Reserve’s policies in the current economic uncertainty, from the Great Recession to the rise in inflation, the ongoing fragility of the financial system and the widening gap between Wall St. and Main St.
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