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Pedaling Toward A Brighter Future

In this episode of HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i, student reporters report on efforts by the Maui community to give back to people affected by the August wildfires. They also share how they learn to persist at their hobbies, ponder what it means to call Hawai‘i home and describe how they work toward bettering their school campus experience.

Students at Maui Waena Intermediate School share two reports from their home island of Maui – the first of which goes behind the scenes at a distribution center set up at a local church for people affected by the August 2023 wildfires. In their second story, they interview a man behind a unique bicycle donation drive, offering hope to those who may have lost bikes during the disaster.

From O‘ahu, Waikīkī Elementary School students share how they took initiative to improve their recess after dodgeballs began to cause chaos. And on Hawai‘i island, a Hilo High School student shares how she learned to take her art to new digital heights, while a Waiākea High School student tells the story of her journey on the schoolʻs tennis team.

Pearl City High School freshman Sophia Santos shares a thoughtful visual essay about balancing an itch to get off the island with spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

The episode also includes a spotlight of Moanalua High School graduate and HIKI NŌ alumnus Andrew Tran, who runs a successful production company and recently joined the HIKI NŌ staff as an industry mentor.  

Lucas Roberts, a senior at Campbell High School on O‘ahu, hosts.

HIKI NŌ 11|14|23: 1504