Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Air date: Saturday, September 20 at 7:30 pm

This unique new travel series takes a rare and whimsical look at life without cars, buses or trains. On small, remote and sparsely populated isles scattered throughout Europe, most of the inhabitants travel and transport goods by donkey, bicycle and other non-motorized vehicles. It may seem like a bygone era, but for some, it is a modern reality. Hosted by Kira Hesser, an independent traveler with a love of history, the series offers a fun and engaging look at these islands through the eyes of a youthful and vibrant host.


Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast:
Over a thousand unique and beautiful islands dot Croatia’s incomparable Dalmatian coast. In our search for islands without cars, we explored the tiny island of Zlarin, known for its beautiful coral, and the even smaller island of Krapanj, celebrated for its history of sponge harvesting. But we began our Croatian island journey in the car-free medieval walled old-town section of Dubrovnik, which was also an island until the canal that separated Dubrovnik from the mainland was filled in during the 11th century and a limestone-paved pedestrian thoroughfare was built.



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