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KĀKOU: Hawaiʻi’s Town Hall
How Do We Keep Habitual Offenders Off Our Roads?


Kākou Panelists:

  • Steve Alm​​​​​​, Honolulu Prosecutor​​​​
  • Joe Logan​​​​​​, Honolulu Police Chief​​​​​
  • Ben Moszkowicz​​​​​, Hawaiʻi County Police Chief​
  • Eric Seitz​​​​​​,  Defense Attorney​​​​
  • Edmund “Fred” Hyun​​​​​, Hawaiʻi Paroling Authority Chair​​​
  • Teal Takayama​​​​​, Deputy Public Defender​​​​
  • Chevy Saniatan​​​​​, Mother of Sara Yara​​​​​
  • Ed Werner​​​​​​, Father of Kaulana Werner​​​​
  • Robert Locklear​​​​​, Substance Abuse Counselor​​​​
  • Randal Lee​​​​​​, Retired Judge, Hawaiʻi Pacific University Criminal Justice Professor
  • Ed Sniffen, State Transportation Director