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Ken Burns’ seven-part, 14-hour documentary series tells the stories of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of one of the most prominent and influential families in American politics.


Get Action (1858-1901)

Fri., May 1, 9:00 pm

The early lives of young Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are highlighted.


In the Arena (1901-1910)

Sat., May 2, 9:00 pm

Theodore Roosevelt transforms the office of the presidency. FDR courts and weds Eleanor Roosevelt.


The Fire of Life (1910-1919)

Thurs., May 7, 9:00 pm

President Theodore Roosevelt leads a Progressive crusade that splits his own Republican party.


The Storm (1920-1933)

Sat., May 9, 9:00 pm

FDR serves as governor of New York and becomes the presidential nominee for the Democrats in 1932.


The Rising Road (1933-1939)

Thurs., May 14, 9:00 pm

FDR brings the same optimism and energy to the White House that his cousin Theodore displayed.


The Common Cause (1939-1944)

Fri., May 15, 9:00 pm

FDR breaks the third-term tradition and tries to prepare a reluctant country to enter World War II.


A Strong and Active Faith (1944-1962)

Sat., May 16, 9:00 pm

FDR is determined to see the war through to victory. Eleanor Roosevelt fights for civil liberties after FDR’s death.