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Our Storytelling Continues … Join Us As We Turn The Page, Together

It was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who wrote, “content is king,” in describing the Internet being the marketplace for content.

Can you believe Gates said that in an essay 26 years ago, in January 1996? Nearly three decades later, it applies more than ever.

Content should always mirror and reflect what is happening in our community. It is vital we remain relevant and continuously evolve. We understand digital content must be a part of our future. Live Streaming, YouTube and Apple Television, Tiktok, Spotify – there are a variety of platforms we must utilize in order to connect PBS Hawai‘i with new audiences.

The continued introduction of new, locally produced content is an important part of our strategy and vision for the future. A year ago, we promised our new content would be fun, entertaining, informative, educational and always done with integrity. We said it would influence change and make Hawai‘i stronger and more resilient. We made a commitment that PBS Hawai‘i would be a vehicle for hope, storytelling, information gathering, sharing and distribution.

February 23, 2022 marked the start of a new chapter at PBS Hawai‘i with the first episode of Home is Here. Our new series will take you to places you have never been before…you will meet new people and you may see old friends along the way.

There are so many wonderful stories to share about this special place we call home. Our storytelling continues on March 30 with the premiere with a new episode of Home is Here. We humbly ask you to join us, sit back and enjoy…as we turn the page…together.

With respect and aloha,


Ron Mizutani and the PBS Hawai‘i family