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Air Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2024 9:30 PM

A.I. tools like ChatGPT seem to think, speak, and create like humans…

Air Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2024 9:30 PM

Renowned paleontologist Kirk Johnson takes us on an epic adventure through time at the polar extremes of our planet…

Air Date: Wed, Mar 13, 2024 9:30 PM

In the far reaches of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune dazzle with unexpected rings…

Air Date: Fri, Jan 19, 2024 10:00 PM
Discover the story of the polygraph, the controversial device that transformed modern police work, seized headlines and was extolled as an infallible crime-fighting tool. A tale of good intentions, twisted morals and unintended consequences.
Air Date: Tue, Dec 26, 2023 8:00 PM
Scientist Mária Telkes dedicated her career to harnessing the power of the sun. Though undercut and thwarted by her male colleagues, she persevered to design the first successfully solar-heated house in 1948 and held more than 20 patents.
Air Date: Wed, Jun 28, 2023 10:00 PM
Dr. George McGavin and Dr. Zoe Laughlin (How to Make...) explore one of the U.K.’s biggest sewage works, a hidden world one might rarely choose to see. Processing one billion liters of waste water that 1.7 million people flush each day means there is a lot of sewage to be treated.
Air Date: Wed, May 31, 2023 9:00 PM
When the colossal Ever Given container ship crashed in the Suez Canal in March 2021, international supply chains ground to a halt. How did it happen? Follow the investigation into one of the most expensive shipping disasters ever.
Air Date: Wed, Apr 5, 2023 9:00 PM
Colossal explosions shake a remote corner of the Siberian tundra, leaving behind massive craters. In Alaska, a huge lake erupts with bubbles of inflammable gas. Scientists are discovering that these mystifying phenomena add up to a ticking time bomb, as long-frozen permafrost melts and releases vast amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Air Date: Wed, Mar 29, 2023 9:00 PM
Quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from networks to code breaking–but first we need to know it’s real. Join physicists as they capture light from across the universe in a bid to prove Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance.”
Air Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2023 9:00 PM
Thousands of Hawai‘i Island residents were uprooted in 2018 when Kīlauea erupted, sending rivers of lava through communities and into the ocean. This spike in Kīlauea’s activity transformed parts of the island into an inferno, spewing rock and causing massive destruction. Join scientists and locals as they head underground to investigate the geological cause of the eruption.
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