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Other Candidates in the race for Governor (Democratic Primary)

A total of 7 candidates are running in the race for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Three of them appeared in a live broadcast of Insights on PBS Hawaiʻi on Thursday July 7, 2022. PBS Hawaiʻi invited the other four candidates to share their views in written form up to 750 words. The candidates are David L. (Duke) Bourgoin, Richard Kim, Clyde McClain Lewman and Van K. Tanabe. Two of them responded to the invitation by the 4 p.m. July 6, 2022 deadline. Their responses are below.


David L. (Duke) Bourgoin | Clyde McClain Lewman



David L. (Duke) Bourgoin

The main issue facing Hawaii today is Safety-Safety with our health, our environment, and our economy.  The pollution we put into our bodies and the air, land, and water around us weakens our existence.

Centering our economy on tourism has proven questionable for economic stability, health, and social balance.   MAKE HAWAII SAFE,’s pledge makes Hawaii Safe—Safe by cleaning our environment and empowering a sustainable, holistic, circular economy.

Rising inflation and the high cost of living in Hawaii is addressed by creating a secure, sustainable and circular economy, less dependent on tourism while developing a food and energy system within an environmentally clean environment to live a safe and productive life.

The Plan to protect Hawaii residents’ health during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is by making our environment clean and productive, thus increasing safety to our citizens with secure and healthy food, a clean environment, guaranteeing a healthy place to protect ourselves from foreign and environmental harm.

A sustainable circular economy will slow and limit the number of tourists to Hawaii. By developing our natural resources to support our food and energy needs, will increase local labor participation, create jobs, and offer an alternative stable income. Hawaii’s economic diversification comes from drastically increasing local food production for local consumption with value added product creation for local use and foreign export income.

The energy production in Hawaii will come from solar farms, and private collectors on houses and businesses. Government will direct and support this investment creating the framework for a sustainable and circular economy.

Top spending priorities are agriculture and energy. This investment will give us a sustainable world, where the investment will come back circularly creating jobs and citizen income for a safe and secure future.

Climate change is here causing health and supply issues to our State. Addressing these realities by changing the way we live is important for our survival as well as that of the Planet.

Stopping all pollution into the environment, finding ways to increase our food production on a macro and micro basis, becoming involved in our energy process by developing solar farms while producing the panels, will insure our vitality, health, and economic stability for the future.


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Clyde McClain Lewman

Aloha Everyone!

My name is Clyde McClain Lewman. Most people call me Mac.  It was twenty years ago that I was making statements to friends that nobody over 25 or 30 should run for public office. Now, here I am at 75, running as a dinosaur some might say, for governor.

I live near Manoa Elementary School. I see young and old (10 or 11) being dropped off by a parent and later outside at recess, seemingly without a care in the world within their moment of classroom freedom. I see young baseball players on baseball fields practicing and then playing games on the weekends. Parents with toddlers and babies in strollers, strolling and watching.

The unpleasant truth is, all the beautiful children, all your children or your grandchildren and great grandchildren are likely to suffer in anguish and possibly die if we don’t wake up and come together as one people, one human race, and accept the fact that the world is in serious trouble, and in the end, nobody will be here to save us. It is up to us. We are isolated and alone but fortunately, this can be our salvation.

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon.  After high school, I worked in a plywood mill, got married, had two children, graduated from the U of O, moved to Portland for a series of wood product jobs: Inventory control, wholesaling, exporting, importing, commodity trading, business owner. Inventor and comic book writer. Oregon Real Estate Licensed in 1990, Hawai’i Real Estate licensed 1998 and again 2016. Sold my Oregon business, and semi-retired to Hawai’i, where I’ve come since 1990 to study chi-kung and yoga and to just be here. I am also a Mason and have been practicing tai-chi since 1980 and have been connected to the Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship organization since 1983, and the Yogananda Ananda Village in Nevada City since 2017.

My website:  Please read the Home Page, Blog and Books. To the far right click on More, to read Republicans.

Our ancestors formed groups and communities to survive, which is what we need to do to form a stronger and a more like-minded island community. We need a greater participatory unicameral legislature with only senators, no philosophical self-destructive parties. We need one Hawai’i Kamehameha School system with parent volunteers as active Hall Monitor Friends of the Children.  Ten to 20 at each school. Everyone going their separate way with elitist private, charter and church schools is divisive and counterproductive for our survival. No child or person is better than another.  Kamehameha Public Schools or Home Schools. We need to increase the agriculture state budged from one-third of one percent to three or four percent.

Food is freedom and our survival. The schools need to teach survival in the form of growing food and gardening in all grades, as well as original boat building, fishing, and navigating by the stars, making clothes from plants, music, art, meditation, and personal self-defense.

We need food boxes on every lot, more community gardens, and thousands more fruit trees. We need an independent nation or kingdom because we are not more than an attachment, like a kite on a string to the mainland, which is sinking into racism and fascism.

President Obama was the greatest existential threat to the white power elite that has ever been. They’ve come out of the closet, they are not going back.  We can be of greater service to ourselves, to America and to the world as an independent nation.  We need to control immigration which will become out of control as populations begin climate change migrating.  We need to control our destiny. We can become a worldwide gathering place for Solution Conferences.

Mahalo Everyone!


Dinosaurs are cool! They survived for over 125 million years. We’ve been here 300 thousand years. It took until the year 1800 for our population to reach 1 billion. We will surpass 8 billion this year, 10 billion by late century.  As we are, this is not sustainable!  Climate change, world strife and chaos will only increase. It will not get better on its own and technology will not save us. We can negotiate a positive separation agreement for a new economy and currency pegged to the dollar.


FYI: My maternal grandparents: Clyde McClain was Scottish; Helen Victoria Lyon was a descendant of Queen Victoria and related to Henry Lloyd Lyon of the Lyon Arboretum.




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