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HIKI NŌ and the Healing Power of Storytelling

HIKI NŌ #1307

Tues., January 11, 2022 7:30 pm (Original Air Date )


On this PBS Hawaiʻi special presentation — HIKI NŌ and the Healing Power of Storytelling — HIKI NŌ goes behind the scenes of an unforgettable Student Reflection to explore the cathartic power of storytelling during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Akeakamai Cho, a student at Kua O Ka Lā Miloliʻi Hipuʻu Virtual Academy in South Kona, was invited to the PBS Hawaiʻi studio to recount how crafting a visual story helped her process and even heal feelings of pressure, anxiety and depression, as her family expanded with the addition of two foster infants just as both of her parents lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The special episode includes interviews with her teachers Kaimi Kaupiko and Eric Edwards, along with HIKI NŌ mentor Terri Inefuku, who share their thoughts about helping Cho navigate story structure and how storytelling arose as a way to help her cope.

Mestisa Gass, program director at Mental Health America of Hawaiʻi, also joins the program to discuss the mental health aspects of the journey.


HIKI NŌ 1|11|22: 1307 (Original Air Date )

Panel Discussion – HIKI NŌ and the Healing Power of Storytelling

Following the special presentation of HIKI NŌ and the Healing Power of Storytelling this is a Q&A hosted by PBS Hawai‘i President and CEO, Ron Mizutani with panelists: Terri Inefuku, HIKI NŌ Mentor, Journalist; Kaimi Kaupiko, Kumu at Kua O Kā L Miloli‘i Hipu‘u Virtual Academy; Mestisa Gass, PSYD, Program Director at Mental Health America of Hawai‘i; and Robert Pennybacker, PBS Hawai‘i Vice President, Learning Initiatives and Executive Producer of HIKI NŌ.